Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Amazon to start"œNo Checkout"grocery store by 2017

Vjmedia Works | December 07, 2016

Amazon to start grocery store that helps people shop through app with zero checkout time


While India is encouraging cashless trading through its recent-most demonetization act, Amazon took a step ahead by starting “no checkout” grocery stores in the US, where consumers can pick up groceries and check out without standing and paying at cash counters. While one of them is already open for Amazon employees at 2131 7th Avenue, Seattle, USA, the store will be open for public by 2017.

Wonder how does Amazon Go works?  Putting technology once again for advanced convenience for consumers, an app called “Just Walk Out Technology” uses machine learning, sensors and artificial intelligence to track items customers pick up. As a customer walks into a store, the app logs him/her into store network and connects them readily to their Amazon Prime account. It then helps a customer shop via virtual cart. If they pick up an item they later decide they don't want, putting it back on the shelf removes it from their cart. The app will also help merchandising flow in a more effective way.

Source : USA Today






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