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BigBasket to eliminate human interference at stores in Bengaluru

By Retail4Growth Team | Retail4Growth Team | November 27, 2020

The company will run a pilot project to go lineless, cashless and cashierless in 10 of its stores in the upcoming year.

The Indian online grocery brand, BigBasket plans to roll out convenience stores in Bengaluru that will run without human interference. The company will start a pilot project to go lineless, cashless and cashierless, in the beginning of the upcoming year.

BigBasket aims to start this operation with 10 stores, while every store having half a dozen self-service scales. Computer vision and AI will be used to analyze the items purchased and the amount due for payment. Payments will be made though digital methods. 

BigBasket’s technology will be like the way Walmart has leveraged Malong Tech’s RetailAI Fresh technology in China. This has a single camera and GPU at the backend for computation with one-click screen experience. Customers keep the items on scale and the system recognizes the products with a single click, as per some sources.

The company has made its prominent presence in 30 cities and aspires to boost its operations with hassle-free techniques that would attract customers in the new-normal.




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