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Future Group makes a new retail statement: I am In!

By Susmita Das | Vjmedia Works | 3 | September 03, 2013

This latest innovation by the Future Group at the 1 Mg Mall in Bangalore brings into play a quirky identity fashioned to tantalize the stylish and young clan.

Inspired to create something quirky, expressive and fun, along with an aim to express a distinct identity, the Future Group has launched its latest innovation -- the'I am In' store -- at the upmarket 1 Mg Mall in Bangalore. This is the first store launched by the brand. Using the expression'I am In', the brand has tried to define individual expression. "The brand very strongly speaks about individuality, being young and being in trend, which are all very strongly co-related to fashion, so the theme'I am In', was conceptualized from that thought. At I am In, it's about a customer expressing about himself or herself,” shares Vishal Kapoor, Strategic Group Design Head, Future Group India Ltd.  

Targeting the urban well travelled and fashion conscious young clan, the store stocks both men's and women's western casual wear, along with a bit of fashion active wears. "It's a space where we want the youth to come and connect, we are looking more on the conversation,” further shares Vishal.  Brands like Scullers, Indigo Nation, Jealous 21, UMM, amongst many more are housed at the store. But I am In being an umbrella concept, the focus is not so much on individual brands as on encouraging mix and match by showcasing different brands that are merged to fuse into a common concept as part of the design strategy.   
Spanning, 11,500 to 12000 sq.ftof space, this new store has been designed by the in- house team and the Future brand has worked on the identity build up. "The in-house team was given a very simple theme, in terms of design, according to which they had to create a space where the youth feels connected, which is not very structured or linear and which reflects an energetic impression with a bit of quirkiness,” speaks Vishal.
The store sports a clear glass façade allowing for sneak peeks at the in-store design and merchandise. The I am In brand logo is infused right on the fascia where the word'In' is highlighted inside a speech bubble to create a connect with the customers. Also, to further highlight the brand name, the statement'Style Clan' is used below it. Besides on the façade, the communication speech is also splashed across the mall and in-store emphasizing the brand's individuality and quirkiness.  
The store is placed across two floors where the women's section is created on the ground floor and men's on the first floor. To further lend a youthful twist, colors like off-white and coffee brown have been infused with vibrant light yellow and orange shades on the floor design. For example, on the staircase connecting both the floors, an impression has been created of painted blocks of wood flashing orange hue. Along with this play of colors, graphics are also used to accentuate the floor design and highlight the quirky messages inside the speech bubbles. All of this communication has been painted on the floor. The ceiling too is dominated by more of neutral hues like light coffee, light brown, light beige and coffee brown. Explaining this, Vishal says, "In about 60 to 70 per cent of the white and off white space, there are this strong 30 to 40 percent of the spaces where there is splash of color coming across deliberately as a part of the design element.”

Coming to the fixtures, a lot of table displays can be seen across the store featuring the merchandise along with the mannequins. There is a lot of focus on Metal Fixtures, most of which are powder coated and very few are chromed. There are also a lot of open systems and normal wall panel systems. Also, as the I am In store sports an open ceiling, 80 percent of track and open lighting has been used to highlight the array and it's mainly a play of light and dark. "The lighting fixtures are also a part of the expression and add on to the quirky theme of the space,” explains Vishal.  The trial room in glossy yellow takes the design concept further. Also, simple things like the signage outside the trial room saying,'Trial & Error room' instead of the standard signage, accentuate the playful character of the space.
Lively music and aroma of the brand's signature fragrance further pervade the whole store, reiterating the youthful impact.
Post the launch of the Bangalore store, the brand has extended its reach to Nasik and Mumbai and plans to unveil six to eight more stores by the end of this year.


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