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How brands can continue operating safely with Digital Mall of Asia amid COVID 19

By Retail4Growth Team | March 25, 2020

DMA brings a plethora of creative offerings along with a wide range of benefits for both retailers and customers across India.

COVID 19 has significantly affected businesses across the globe. On the one hand, it is pushing offline players to rethink their spending strategy as they face swelling losses, with companies closing their doors and laying off employees. On the other, it is forcing online players – mainly the grocery segment - to ramp up their inventory to cater to the increasing number of consumers as more of them stay at home and go online, as a precautionary measure to contain the outbreak. 

In pressing times like these, while companies are striving to continue their operations and seeking ways to switch to online platforms, Digital Mall of Asia (DMA) comes as a boon. While each brand should make a wise decision about whether to proceed with a digital approach or a technological one as per their need, DMA brings a plethora of creative offerings along with a wide range of benefits for both retailers and customers across India.

DMA, an innovative digital platform offers a virtual e-commerce environment to brands/retailers who can take up space on rent without any commission woes. Anyone can take a digital shop on rent exactly the way a physical shop is rented, by paying nominal monthly rentals, apart from a license fee which includes marketing of the brand. Retailers can get a wide range of options for their respective businesses such as E Food Court, E Nightclub, E Hyper Market, E Digiplex, and many more.

Commenting on the criticality of the current situation, Rishabh Mehra, Managing Director, and CEO- Digital Mall of Asia said, “The impact of COVID 19 on several businesses has been overwhelming. While many players have already shut their operations and enabled people to work from home as a safety measure, there are businesses that can’t afford to do so. Even if they want to go online, problems like lack of funds and other resources hamper their decisions. We are sure renting space on this unique platform will help businesses in multifarious ways while also empowering them to fight the pandemic and ensure safety at every step of their operations. “

By renting space on DMA, not only brands/retailers can overcome e-commerce odds such as heavy commission, delays in settlements, product counterfeiting and delay in product deliveries, but can also fight the massive outbreak of COVID 19 that has caused widespread disruption in the current business scenario.






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