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ITC Ltd. extends safety assistance to retailers under a Retail Engagement Initiative

By Retail4Growth Team | Retail4Growth Team | November 30, 2020

The initiative started from the southern districts of the country and will soon be executed pan India with an aspiration to reach over 25000 retailers.

ITC Ltd. under its credo of ‘Sab Saath Badhein’, the food division organized a Retail Engagement Initiative that aimed at assuring safety to retailers. The initiative covered over 20,000+ retailers throughout the country and addressed the importance of precautionary measures and how their application can minimise the risks associated with the pandemic.

The initial idea is to help the Company’s first line of customers, the retailers to operate in a safe and hygienic environment while enabling them to serve their buyers in such challenging times. This program also supported the friendly neighbourhood kiranas and general stores with protective window shields, protective gear and social distancing curtains that would facilitate them to run their establishment/shop whilst following hygiene and safety protocols.

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Commenting on the initiative, an ITC Foods spokesperson said, "Over the years, our strong network of retailers across India have extended their unflinching support in ensuring seamless availability of our products to the end consumers and contributing to the success of our brands. In the current situation, their contribution has been all the more significant and critical. As a responsible brand custodian, we strongly feel the need to extend our support for their exemplary contribution and service. We hope that through our initiative, we will be able to help their businesses by enabling them to continue their operations in a safe and hygienic manner and serve consumers even in the toughest of times.”

To ensure retailer’s safety in future, the company has also started sanitization drives across metros starting from the North and spanning to the South and East and will progressively expand to other markets as well. Simultaneously, the window shield frames are being implemented all over India.

The activity primarily started from the southern districts of the country and will soon be executed pan India with an aspiration to reach over 25,000 retailers.



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