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Lighting dynamics come under spotlight at Jaquar event

By Retail4Growth Team | January 27, 2020

The first edition of Play Light was a live symposium model on eccentric designs with discussions on the role of the aesthetic appeal of lighting in modern interiors.

LED Lights and lighting solutions brand, Jaquar Lighting held its first dialogue panel titled Play Light at its Orientation Centre in Delhi.

The first edition of Play Light was a live symposium model on eccentric designs with discussions on the role of the aesthetic appeal of lighting in modern interiors. Three detailed panel discussions formed the crux of the day’s proceedings touching upon Lighting Psychology, Lighting Trends and Outdoor Lighting. The expert panel comprised of renowned designers, consultants and architects from prestigious design studios.

The first-panel discussion on Lighting Psychology focused on the cognitive and emotional role that lighting plays in our daily lives, and how light creates more than just visual effects such as shape, image, perception, intensity and contrast. The panel highlighted that lighting helps an individual navigate new spaces, enhancing one’s experience in varied settings.

The second-panel discussion was on decorative lighting trends that are currently transforming all kind of spaces through the use of technology such as sensors and façade lighting. Additionally, it was stressed that façade lighting plays a key role in architectural expression and aids in enlivening a building while also extending a sense of security to space.

The final panel discussion touched upon the significance of outdoor lighting in landscaping. It helps in adding drama and aesthetic appeal to the home exteriors contributing a beautiful effect to the surroundings. The panel concluded that geography plays a crucial role in the choice of lighting owing to varying requirements and ideas of beauty.

Speaking on the first of the PLAY LIGHT series, Ranbir Mehra, Director, Jaquar Lighting said,“Jaquar Lighting as a business caters to consumers across segments – from value offerings to premium and luxury clientele. Being awarded international design awards for our smart street lights, we are encouraged to continue our consistent efforts in coming up with innovative lighting solutions that work harder than a normal light – serving more functions than one. Case in point, our smart street light performs various functions – it acts as a Wi-Fi router, a grid charger and an HD security camera among others. Similarly in the home space, our lights are designed to not just appear visually appealing but also employs the theory of phototherapy which is soothing and conducive to relaxation, depending on the purpose. We are also the only company in the country that customizes chandeliers according to specific-designs using Swarovski crystals in record delivery time.

Having said that, collaborating and ideating with the best minds in the business has always been a crucial part of our growth strategy. Today’s session was a small peek into the large canvas that Jaquar Lighting works with to come up with the best solutions for the market.”

Speaking on the Jaquar Lighting business he added, “Since we introduced Jaquar Lighting into the market, our consistent focus has been to introduce smart, innovative solutions for our customers. While designing products we do not just consider aesthetics, we stress equally on functionality and the emotional appeal of the product. We understand how lights can be a crucial element in setting the mood whether at home, at work, at the mall or outdoors. This is perhaps why we have been able to maintain a CAGR of 90% in the last four years, while expanding our operations to over 50,000 retail outlets across the country. Our goal for 2022 is to drive sales up to 1,000 crores. In the next few months, our 9 lakh sq ft lighting factory will also be ready for production – the only facility in the country to produce LED in-house, and one of the biggest in Asia. This scale of production coupled with our after-sales services, we believe, will help us make our product portfolio smarter, more robust and unique.”

 Jaquar Lighting hosts one-of-its-kind dialogue ‘Play Light’




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