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OkCredit’s three cheers to the neighbourhood store

By Retail4Growth Team | Retail4Growth Team | June 30, 2021

The company has launched a campaign called #PaasHaiToKhaasHai in support of neighbourhood stores. The campaign is all about encouraging consumers to buy from the neighbourhood stores which have been serving them for ages with warm and personal touch, but are today facing stiff competition from online stores.

On the eve of MSME Day, OkCredit launched the #PaasHaiToKhaasHai digital campaign to underline the importance of neighbourhood stores in our daily lives. It encourages customers to keep buying from these stores to keep their business thriving even as they face stiff competition from online retailers.

The #PaasHaiToKhaasHai campaign is built on the premise that neighbourhood stores have been serving us for ages and have been the first port of call when shopping for our daily needs, says the company statement . It conveys that e-commerce firms simply cannot match the warmth and the comfort level customers feel at the neighbourhood shop due to experiences such as touch and feel, bargaining etc., the statement adds.

The campaign highlights that a customer, irrespective of background/social and economic stature can get all their daily needs products at a genuine price from their neighbourhood stores. Besides, these shops act as hotspots to gather and socialize in smaller towns, wherein people get together to discuss a range of local and national issues.

Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Harsh Pokharna, Co-founder and CEO of OkCredit said, “Neighbourhood retail stores are not merely shops, but are in some ways an extension of our world. These stores which a few years ago used to meet all our daily needs are losing sheen in the internet age. With the #PaasHaiToKhaasHai digital campaign, we want to underline the relevance of these stores and exhort consumers to buy from them, so that they can come to our rescue at the time of need and hence live by the quote/saying #PaasHaiToKhaasHai.”

Launched in Hindi, the #PaasHaiToKhaasHai campaign is available on OkCredit’s social network. 



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