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‘The way we do business will change for sure’ : Varsha Dalal

By Retail4Growth Team | June 25, 2020

For retailers, Lockdown has been a time to rethink their marketing strategies and prepare plans to serve post-covid shoppers. The good news is, companies who have embraced change, put a real focus on innovation, and stayed in lock step with consumers are moving much faster, leaving once-competitors in the dust.
Varsha Dalal, CEO, Divine Cosmetics LLP, in an exclusive chat with Retail4Growth, shares how retailers can serve post-lockdown shoppers better.

Varsha Dalal1. What have been some of your key observations with regard to shoppers during lockdown and now?

As the uncertainty of the lockdown continues, the purse strings of the shoppers have gotten tighter.  People are shopping for essentials and discretionary spending is down to a trickle.

2. Going forward how do you expect it to pan out?

It will take time for things to get back to pre-Covid levels.  Barring a few industries, everyone is in survival mode; whether it be brand owners, employees etc.

3. Accordingly what kind of initiatives have you taken in terms of brand communication, in-store visibility, or packaging?

We at Embark, continue to engage with our consumers via social media.  Our sales are focused via department stores which for the most part are currently shut.  As and when the stores open instore visibility and messaging would be our key focus.

4. Do you see a greater reliance on technology solutions and solution providers?

The way we do business will change for sure.  Technology is here to stay.  This provides abundant opportunities for solutions in the retail via technology, be it the interface with consumers, virtual trials, etc.  The early adopters to this will definitely have an advantage.



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