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Brand Plus’s Array to bring controlled beam in retail lighting

By Satarupa Chakraborty | December 18, 2018

Array, the patented lighting technology from Brand Plus, will homogeneously mix warm and cool light to render 40% increased efficacy with the same power consumption.

Leading Indian retail lighting manufacturer Focus Lighting & Fixtures Ltd – Brand Plus, has recently introduced their micro downlight range, Array, which is designed to mix warm and cool light in the most homogeneous way to eliminate pixels that are generally visible on walls of retail stores.

Explaining further on this patented retail lighting technology, Amit Sheth, Managing Director, Focus Lighting & Fixtures ltd – Brand Plus, explained, “It has always been a challenge to mix warm and cool lighting seamlessly resulting into almost 50% uncontrolled lighting, which goes outside the beam. With Array, the mixing happens in a homogeneous way where 90% of the lighting is controlled thereby increasing 40% efficacy of the lighting fixture within the same consumption of power. The mixing can be done within a broad bandwidth of 2200k to 5700k. It also removes the unwanted pixels on the store walls, which is otherwise an unavoidable circumstance.”

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