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Nilkamal launches BubbleGUARD material for VM, kiosks and signage

By Satarupa Chakraborty | October 24, 2017

Being less prone to breakage, the product is much superior than sunboard and can be used in signage, kiosk and VM solutions.

The moulded plastic furniture and material manufacturer brand Nilkamal Limited has recently launched NilkamalBubbleGUARD, a material that can be used for flooring protection, print application and for industrial packaging. Made from polypropylene, it is designed as superior substitute to sunboard and can be used for signages, VM materials and self-standing kiosks in retail environments. NilkamalBubbleGUARD is a multi-layer polypropylene board with a unique circular honeycomb structure manufactured with patented European Technology. The air – lock technology creates non-collapsible bubbles which provide a cushioning effect to ensure protection. The patented structure results in a high strength - to- weight ratio, making these panels strong and durable yet light weight. "It is much more durable than Sunboard and Sunpack. Unlike Sunboard it does not crack easily and Sunpack's fluted core makes it prone to tearing in one direction, PrintGUARD on the other hand has a honeycomb core where the strength is equal in all directions" mentioned Prajakta Sathe, Manager-Marketing, Nilkamal Ltd.

This revolutionary board is suitable for endless applications. It is scientifically engineered to replace conventional methods of protecting, packaging, panelling and more, with its simplicity of usage. Available in customisable colours, these boards also provide a wide range of processing and laminating possibilities. They can be laminated in-line with a vast range of compatible materials that includes foam, textiles and printed film.

Mihir H Parekh, AVP NilkamalBubbleGUARD further explained, “What makes NilkamalBubbleGUARD so versatile and unique is our understanding of the material and our approach to changing customer needs. We have designed the product to be as customisable as possible and thus the boards are available in a range that varies from thin and flexible to strong and rigid and is available in a series that starts at 250 GSM and goes up to as high as 3500 GSM, depending on the application. We thus believe NilkamalBubbleGUARD can be best described as – One board, million possibilities.”

Nilkamal’sBubbleGUARD is currently conditioned for making indoor signages while it is slated for further development to be conducive for making outdoor signages.


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