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Visual search engine and CRM tool launched for jewellery retailing

By Retail4Growth Bureau | January 12, 2023

The tool Trouve by Unlearn Innovation has been launched as a solution to meet the needs of the jewellery retailing business and is based on the projection that visual search is the future, and already adapted by Amazon, Myntra and Google.  

Unlearn Innovation, a tech company that provides AI and Machine Learning solutions to diverse businesses has launched “India’s first ever visual search Engine” and a redefined CRM platform for Jewellers. The tool Trouve by Unlearn Innovation has been launched as a solution to meet the needs of the jewellery retailing business.

“When the online trend came, the jewellery business sales graph went down because consumers weren't satisfied with the visual presentation. Trouve focuses on presenting the jewellery collection via quality images and visual search. Through Trouve, consumers can check the designs they find attractive seamlessly,” says the company's statement.

The launch of the tool is driven by the projection that visual search is the future, which Amazon, Myntra and Google have already adapted. Every brand's motive is to make the consumer journey quick and smooth. The approach is more consumer-driven, according to the company.

To enhance the journey, all the service requests are placed on one platform of Trouve. For manufacturing and wholesaling, visual search provides extensive data.

The Founders of Unlearn - Vivek Das and Sanjib Chatterjee - each with over twenty years of excellence in advertising, commercializing, Innovation, and technology, analyzed that using different platforms for different services leads to broken analysis, broken conversions and less wallet share of a customer. “Unbroken customer journeys lead to a 3X-4X increase in conversions with no broken hearts of journeys while maximizing the wallet share. So, they decided to build a platform with all possible customer engagements and powered with visual search, the biggest innovation of the jewellery industry,” informs the company.


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