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A new retail persona for this Chandigarh based jeweller

By Retail4Growth Bureau | June 17, 2024

The store design project for Malik Jewellers by Design Three Sixty is all about conveying the vision of a traditional business through a contemporary and forward-looking spatial narrative. 

Jewellery as a category lends itself well to experiential design and is a segment where offline retail plays a significant role. Interestingly, many traditional and regional jewellery retailers are leveraging the power of store design to get closer to their loyal customers. 

Malik Jewellers, located in Chandigarh's Sector 8, is positioned as a symbol of exquisite craftsmanship in operation since 1972. The retailer recently wanted to transform itself through a comprehensive architectural and interior overhaul, seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with its rich heritage and approached design firm Design Three Sixty to translate this into a design concept.

Client Brief 

The design brief to Design Three Sixty essentially involved conveying the brand identity and vision. This meant, as Design Three Sixty informs, that the store design narrative had to establish the position of Malik Jewellers as a family-owned establishment, now stewarded by its second-generation proprietors, which fuses inherited expertise in precious metals, gemstones, and jewellery design with a forward-looking vision. 

The spatial narrative had to convey the brand vision that “encompasses the integration of cutting-edge technologies, commitment to ethical sourcing, a customer-centric approach, and a steadfast dedication to the traditional craftsmanship that has distinguished the brand for decades”.

Store Concept and Design

Sharing the store design details, Design Three Sixty, says, “The redesign of Malik Jewellers was inspired by modern minimalism, reflecting a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere. Clean lines and minimalist decor take center stage. An airy open layout fosters a welcoming environment, making it easy for customers to browse and explore. The modern display cases with enhanced lighting showcase the jewellery, emphasizing its craftsmanship and detail.”

Colour Palette & High-Quality Materials

The color palette is a harmonious blend of neutral tones—blue, white, and a striking pop of orange—that together create a cohesive and inviting environment. As the design team informs, “The blue and white provide a serene backdrop, while the orange accents introduce a lively vibrancy that enlivens the space without overwhelming it.”

The materials used for the renovation of Malik Jewellers includes high-quality materials chosen for their superior quality and aesthetic appeal, as shared by the design team:

- Fabrinox SS PVD section (Bronze finish): Enhances the overall space with its sleek, contemporary look.

- Blue fabric (Denim finish): Adds a refined touch to the inside boxing.

- 12 mm thick Merino Hanex solid surface (Cascade crème shade): Used for the shelves, providing durability and elegance.

- Simpolo Saga white 15 mm thick tile: Graces the floors with a pristine, polished finish.

- Engineered wood flooring in Walnut shade: Elevates the first floor with rich, warm tones.

- Silverado Swan: 15 mm thick stone, grey stone, and fabric glass and mirror adorn the walls, adding texture and depth.

Exterior Design 

The showroom, integral to Chandigarh's historic sector market, leverages large glass window displays to maximize visibility while adhering to the market's façade control regulations. This design choice not only enhances the overall aesthetic but also draws customers in with its contemporary appeal.

Interior Layout

The store spans two retail floors and an additional floor for back-end operations. The layout includes:

- Level 1 and 2: Retail spaces with counter displays and point-of-sale areas. Level 1 serves regular customers, while Level 2 caters to premium clientele.

- Level 3: Office, safe storage, packing area, storage, pantry, and common washroom. 

Steel Staircase

The ground floor dons a central staircase in MS (mild steel), “imparting a sleek industrial aesthetic”, as the team informs, and this is complemented by a centrally located lift and a U-shaped staircase, aiming to ensure optimal space utilization. “The strategic placement of the core maximizes counter lengths on both the ground and first floors, with the MS and glass spatial structure providing a semi-transparent visual connection between levels,” says the design team. 

Lighting and Ambience

Lighting plays a crucial role in jewellery stores. Lighting in Malik Jewellers includes 

- Ambient lighting to create a warm, welcoming environment.

- LED lights inside display cases to highlight the products

- High Color Rendering Index (CRI) lighting to ensure accurate color representation of gemstones and metals.

- Diffused lighting and uniform illumination to reduce distractions and enhance visibility.

Furniture and Fixtures

Custom-made customer seating and display counters were designed specifically for the store, ensuring a perfect fit and cohesive aesthetic, according to Design Three Sixty.

Challenges and Solutions

Finally, sharing the challenges involved in the project, Design Three Sixty says, “The primary challenge was maximizing retail space within a limited footprint. The solution involved innovative planning, such as incorporating an elevator for efficient vertical travel and dedicating specific floors to different functions. This approach optimized space usage and ensured a smooth customer flow.” 


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