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How STUDIO J crafted a new retail design identity for Cultsport

By Niranjan Talekar | May 08, 2024

As Creative Partners behind Cultsport in Bangalore, STUDIO J has curated a retail experience that is simple, narrative, experiential and allows consumers to shop at ease. 

Cultsport, the leading athletic apparels brand, in collaboration with STUDIO J  has launched a new retail design identity across  the  offline and online spaces.Cultsport in Bangalore, STUDIOJ has curated a retail experience

STUDIO J's Director, Jenny Andrews, shared insights into the design process, emphasizing the importance of understanding consumer behavior and brand ethos. By blending warmth, genuineness and trust with the store's spatial design, STUDIO J has created an inclusive and engaging environment for customers.

Cultsport in Bangalore, STUDIOJ has curated a retail experience

According to Jenny, the design brief for Cultsport's retail experience was to tailor the space to appeal to the unique preferences and cultural nuances of Indian consumers. The goal was to create a dynamic and engaging environment that reflects Cultsport's brand values of innovation, performance, and community.

Cultsport in Bangalore, STUDIOJ has curated a retail experience

The design highlights include a subtle integration of Cultsport's neon color palette to evoke an energizing ambiance without overwhelming customers. The store features light grey flooring, dark grey ceilings, and grey wooden fixtures, providing a sophisticated backdrop for Cultsport's products. 

Cultsport in Bangalore, STUDIOJ has curated a retail experience

For Cultsport, the store essentially serves as a platform to highlight its focus on innovation and the reiteration of the importance of sports and healthy practices.

In the words of Jenny Andrews, Director of STUDIO J, "Informed by consumer research and brand innovation, we aimed to create a space that empowers customers, facilitates product understanding, and offers a joyful shopping experience. Our design philosophy focused on warmth, genuineness, and trust, ensuring that the store reflects Cultsport's commitment to excellence and innovation."

STUDIO J's team worked closely with Cultsport to ensure the design strategy could support the brand's expansion plans and cater to the dynamic Indian market.

Pictures courtesy: STUDIO J

Suppliers List:

Interior work: saksham interiors Pvt Ltd.
Lighting: ILC Lighting solutions
Signage: Shabari Prints
Furniture Fittings: Space Products
Vm: Shabari Prints
Photography: INFOCUS



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