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A space to celebrate sartorial choice

By N Jayalakshmi | December 18, 2023

The LuLu Group sought a premium look and feel for their new ‘Lulu Celebrate’ store at LuLu mall in Kochi. Studio J delivered just the right experience with a design strategy that included a thoughtful curation of colours, lighting and layouts.

When LuLu Group embarked on the journey to revamp their new 'LuLu Celebrate' store at the LuLu Mall in Kochi, their vision was crystal clear: to craft a space that radiated celebration and invited people to relish their time within. Studio J took up the challenge, and with an artful blend of colors, lighting, and layout,  brought this brand objective to life.

LULU store front

Spanning an impressive 22,000 square feet, LuLu Celebrate (Kochi) is a sprawling space that unfolds across three levels, with the second level embodying a more upscale ambience in line with the brand's aspirations.

Store's window display

Reflecting on the store project's brief, Jenny Andrews, Director of Studio J, reveals, "The target audience for the brand is wide-ranging, and their directive to us was clear: create a space where people can savor their moments. We set out to conceptualize, design, and transform both the ground and second levels. After approval of our initial design, they entrusted us with refining the second level to exude a premium boutique-like aura. Thus, we meticulously crafted a space that mirrors this vision and fosters customization and consultation. This led us to introduce elements like discussion points, fostering a seamless interaction between designers, master tailors, and customers."

Inside LULU's store look

To align with the elevated concept of the second level, the trial lounges were expanded and made more immersive. Jenny elaborates on the store's color palette, "Our chosen scheme is a delightful fusion of pastel hues with a touch of invigorating red—essentially marrying mint green, peach, beige, and ivory with a dash of red. In effect it is a harmonious blend of sophistication and vivacity. Our overarching aesthetic goal was to create a minimalist space that felt inviting without overwhelming the senses."

LULU's inside store look

The entire project unfolded approximately over six months, and as Jenny shares, the main challenge lay in orchestrating the refurbishment amidst the bustling activity of a functioning mall. However, the design team rose to the occasion and executed the project with resounding success. 

Check out more pics of LuLu Celebrate here:

LULU store collage


Fixtures: Kalatmak

Lighting: Gardler 

Interiors: NS Interiors


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