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Adidas’ big step towards green VM

By Payal Gulati | January 06, 2020

Taking sustainability to an actionable level, Adidas has come up with a Green VM project with the objective of eliminating plastic waste by using alternative materials.

Being a global brand with stores spread across 184 cities, Adidas obviously has high brand recall. The brand has now decided to take eco-consciousness to new level with  green friendly VM executions. The company says it has executed VM using eco-friendly materials in 33 stores across 10 cities and in the process saving over 20,000 sq feet of plastic waste

“While we bring freshness to the stores and make a mark in the minds of the customer, we are also adding to the waste with every changeover. We stand at a time where the agenda should be to clear the landfills – it isn’t justified to fill them up with garbage again,” says Ria Khattar, VM planning Assistant manager, DTC, Adidas group.

And thus was born the Green VM Project. “The objective was to be conscious about the plastic waste being generated because of VM executions, and eliminate the same by using alternative materials,” adds Priyesh Bhagat, VM Planning Manager, DTC, Adidas group, speaking about the Green VM Project.

Read the detailed report in January 2020 Edition of VM&RD Magazine.



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