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Barbie lights up the in-store possibilities

By Satarupa Chakraborty | September 10, 2018

The world-famous doll brand Barbie has recently used lights at their POS at Hamley’s store, where various types of lighting installations are used for panel mounting, headers and more to demarcate the doll display amongst others.

The doll major Barbie recently played with different lighting technologies to highlight their products at Hamleys Store, Infiniti Mall, Malad, Mumbai. Building around the philosophy of the brand, “a girl can become what she wants to be”, the engagement focuses on the merchandising assets to show diversity of roles and ethnicities along with sequential lighting.

This system of blinking or sequential lighting allows simple and economical power distribution along the whole panel mounted with an 8 channel. One source is installed to power up the header section, while low-voltage power line runs from end to end of the header. Power strips slide from top of the panel to base with an AC line voltage and adaptor. Less amount of wiring systems and connecting points keep the whole installation simple and clutter-free.

This attracts and invites kids and moms as people tend to follow bright paths and then linger at this wall space for a longer time. This installation also stands out amongst other doll displays.

Execution: Fourth Dimension, Bangalore



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