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Bingo! Making A Big Statement

By Dipanjan Mukherjee | July 28, 2014

BUYSTORIES rolls out a tasteful shopper campaign for ITC Bingo! Yumitos

Bingo! Yumitos shopper communication campaign designed by BUYSTORIES ran across 25 Big Bazaar stores in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai from the first week of July 2014. The campaign used 15 elements with distinctive messages covering the shopper journey.

Campaign Overview

Providing an overview of the campaign execution, Aaradhee Mehta, Chief Storyteller, BUYSTORIES, says, "We used the naked chip visuals liberally through the campaign elements along with the pneumonic, one because it establishes the new format of Bingo!'Original Style' and two it drives impulse, which is what predominantly drives the category.”

"We stayed with flat red backgrounds with lots of negative space as it is an effective way to highlight the key message aimed at the shopper in each zone,” she adds.

All elements that were placed from the outside of the store to the exit cash counter were designed and developed keeping in mind the shopper behaviour in that zone or part of the store.
Shopper Right Elements

Gate and floor branding were used to register the category and lead the shopper to the bay where she would be exposed to the superior quality of the product.

Ceiling elements were also used as navigation signages, such as, danglers pointing towards the category or large chips falling into the bowl on the floor stack. These ensured high visibility for the product from various standpoints of the store.

A floor stack design subtly pushes the shopper to pick up both variants of the products. Other messages that acted as variant communicators or reminder-to-buy were placed at the exits and end-caps.

Mehta adds that "shopper messaging often fit in all elements on the concept board on each and every message in the store. For this project we worked with the client to develop an end-cap design that would be a complete message bringing all elements i.e. shelf strips, header, side flanges and floor stickers together. The three shelf strips on the bay speak three different messages - Best Quality Potatoes, Untouched by Human Hand and Fresh Oil. The tendency is to repeat all three messages on each shelf strip.”

"One can argue that this treatment makes the activity maintenance heavy but we ensured visibility for each of the messages,” she says.

G K Suresh, General Manager - Marketing, Foods Business, ITC Ltd, says, "The final output from BUYSTORIES looked very good in-store and was also appreciated by our internal field teams. All elements had a distinctive role to play in the shopper journey. The work was unique, catchy and keeping in mind the final output and costs. They are also a good bunch of people to work with.”

Shopper Marketing The Right Way

Shopper communication almost never has the liberty of going beyond creative elements used in mainline creative work. For example, a product shot, ingredient visuals, consumption visual and the copy are reproduced on in-store elements with variations in proportions and position.

It is because maintaining consistency with the brand and campaign language is a non-negotiable. This Bingo! Yumitos campaign however goes to prove how an effective shopper right campaign can be created using the available creative elements and without any compromise to the brand's identity.

No budgets and time to shoot fresh visuals for shopper communication cannot be excuses for shopper work that is not shopper right.

Overall, the campaign aimed to "stop-inform-close-remind' the shoppers. "Visually, the work was designed to look powerful and clutter-free inside the store. This was made possible as the elements were visualised keeping in mind the colours, space and visual noise of a modern retail store,” concludes Mehta.
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