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Bosch DIY Square: Discover the joy in'Do-it-yourself'

By Chanda Kumar | June 20, 2013

The store's visual merchandising strategy creates a homely space, where power tools take on a soft and friendly approach, encouraging shoppers to explore the fun to'Do-It-Yourself'.

Bosch Power Tools recently launched India's first DIY Square in Adugodi, Bangalore for people with a passion for hobby, gardening and home improvement. The ability for customers to try different tools and get real time demos on the functioning of these power tools bring Bosch closer to the shoppers from the home segment. Adding to this, the customers can also seek expert help while working on their projects at the DIY Square.
"After gaining the leadership position in blue tools (professional) segment, we want to now focus on promoting the "Bosch@Home" concept - which primarily aims at reaching out to the 'Do-It-Yourself' (DIY) segment in India. We, at Bosch, believe that this segment has a huge potential and "Home improvement" is going to be the next big trend,” said Vijay Pandey, Vice President, Bosch Power Tools. 

DIY Square, the first of its kind touch-feel-try centre in Bangalore is equipped with a wide range of tools in the Home, Hobby and Garden category. Tools for the Home category are Home Tool Kits, IXO, Aquatak, SKIL hand tools, while Dremel caters to the Hobby category and finally the lawn and garden tools like ISIO, Rotak, etc. The store targets the urban middle class, who are interested to use power tools for minor repair work around the house or even pursue hobbies such as carpentry and glass etching.

Giving more insight on the same, Vijay said, "In India, we are seeing a growing middle class that is increasingly opting to try something new and the DIY tools act as the perfect platform to not only make the whole experience'fun filled' but also productive. Our home tools such as the IXO, Smartkit, Aquatak, Lawn and Garden tools and Dremel help you complete scores of jobs effortlessly and without depending upon anyone.
Designed and executed by Kreo Design & innovation, the Bosch DIY Square has been created to appeal to first time users of power tools and most importantly women. The store has a warm homely feel with softer product presentation to suit the Indian audience, whilst trying to remove the notion that power tools require lot of training and only for professional handling.
What sets this store apart is a unique experiential zone that has been created for customers. At the DIY Square, the props and communication are demarcated as beginner and explorer categories. The beginner section displays easy to do props/projects, while the explorer section has the advanced props/projects.

To give a real time feel of a project, the store incorporates working stations where customers can try out the products and also a brick wall prop to drill and try hanging photo frames etc. At the hobby section, the working table houses embellishments which are offered to customers for setting on photo frames , coasters using the DREMEL glue gun.

Another interesting design feature of the store is that all the furniture is made using the BOSCH tools.
"While the concept of DIY is extremely common in other countries, Bosch's approach to sell DIY was not the same as they did for the store in Bangalore. Here, they had to conceptualize the entire strategy to create an experience for the customer to engage with the product and ultimately making the purchase. The props were the integral part of the visual merchandising plan where each prop was created using specific tools. There were unfinished, half-done props along with the complete ones to encourage customers to try the tool and complete the prop " explains Darshita Thaker, Founder, Kreo Design & Innovation.
Since the launch of DIY Square in Adugodi, Bangalore, the outlet has witnessed an average footfall of roughly 45 - 50 people per day. Bosch Power Tools plans to open similar DIY Squares across major metropolitan cities in India. The company is expecting to reach out to the 450 million Indian middle class households through this initiative. At present, the Indian DIY industry is at a nascent stage but it is estimated to have a potential of Rs 500-600 crores in the coming years. According to the company, the DIY segment is growing at a faster rate than the professional tools, where trends show 30% growth rate for DIY tools.
"Besides the seasoned users, what impresses us more is the kind of interest shown by first time users. On weekends we see a lot of people who drop by at the DIY Square along with their spouses, friends & siblings to get a hands-on experience of the tools and work on projects. Their enthusiasm and excitement is so contagious that the whole store turns into this workshop where creativity overflows,” said Vijay Pandey. 
The entire concept, design and brand identity was initiated and managed by a team, spearheaded by Royce Roy ,Head - Brand Communications, Bosch Power Tools.


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