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By Susmita Das | Vjmedia Works | November 25, 2013

Brand Mustard has recreated its store design concept at the Forum Mall in Koramangala based on a fresh new retail identity. This is rendered in its environment to reflect feminity and bold appeal.

Mustard, a brand synonymous with'westernized' fashion for Indian women has evolved it offerings to appeal to the bold and stylish urbane women. To broaden their segment from Plus size and add Regular size to it, the brand has created a new assortment and experience in the store at their exclusive store at the Forum Mall Bangalore.  

With a design objective to celebrate'Femme' in the store design works to blend the'subtle' and the'bold' elements. The delicate beauty of the Origami form unfolds throughout the entire store contrast with the linear open display and the wardrobe presentation to create the differentiated concept. Bangalore based design firm FRDC was commissioned for this makeover for the brand.  

"Along with the new display form and visual merchandising, a signature style was derived for the new retail identity of the store through the Origami form and the brand color Mustard,” avers Sanjay Agarwal, Director at FRDC.

Spread 900 sqft, the store features a façade which has been designed architecturally as an interpretation of Solid vs. Void. "By breaking away from the concept of a typical glass doors, here we have opted for an open entry treated with a framed portal carrying the signage as a welcome feature. With this forming the solid, the adjacent window next to the entrance was treated as a Void with the signage set back from Glass thereby maximizing the height of the window and hence highlighting the Mannequin display. This way the signage and branding is perceived at 2 levels making a signature element for the store. The delicate Origami form drapes itself along the window drawing the customer into the store and unifying the exterior and interior of the store,” explains Sanjay.

The store design features are accentuated with the use of earthen grey cement compound flooring which acts as a great backdrop for the forms and colors used in the different store elements in the store. Bronze finished fixtures combine with clean woodwork furniture to give a sophisticated look. A soft and cozy ambience is created with the use of boutique type lighting using 3000 K LED lights that provide good ambient and accent lighting to draw attention to the store concept and its offerings. Explaining further about the design strategy Sanjay avers, "The AC Duct is exposed but cleverly carries the Origami pattern in its making.  The ceiling is covered with exposed Cement board to highlight the subtle broken white color and form of Origami and exposed duct.” Photos inspired from Vintage Classic and modern contemporary portraits also play an integral part in the store design.

He further adds, "To enable the customers and to enhance their experience within the store, fit charts for Customers in Trial Rooms, Guide at Cash Counter and Seating in Trial room and outside defined a new standard of customer convenience seldom seen in such boutique stores.”  


Store Design and Concept    : FRDC, Bangalore.

Design Team                        :Rhea M, Sayantani B, Arushi N, Tanushree S, Surbhi G, Priyanka D, Prathima M,  Charvee R

Interior and Electrical             : Zed Associates

HVAC                                   : Intellimech Systems

Lighting                                 : Focus Lighting & Fixtures

Flooring                                : Elite crete flooring solutions india pvt ltd

Audio                                    : Onkyo/Leading Lifestyle Solutions pvt ltd

Fixtures                                 : Visplay Gmbh and Disha Fixtures

VM                                        : FRDC team


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