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Cuboids to woo the teens

By Retail4Growth Team | December 10, 2018

As a brand targeting teens, Zalza Teens has a tough challenge at retail capturing the attention of the TG. A new display solution in the form of the Zalza changeable cuboids not only gives the brand a distinct in-store presence, but also makes it convenient for the retailer to manage.

Zalza Teens positions itself as a brand selling 100% organic cotton to teens in the age group of 13-18 years.  Brand visibility that communicates the product highlight (“soft as a teddy bear”), while attracting shoppers is a critical need at the retail level. 

Solution presented in the form of the Zalza changeable cuboids, designed by Pencilbox. Says Anuraag.S of Pencilbox, while talking about the approach behind the whole display design, “The objective was to offer enough flexibility to change the 'look' of the window or the communication in the window, anytime. Also, the same can be used over a period of 2+ months at least as every 'look' can be displayed for a minimum of 15 days.”

The material used to create the multi-visual display box is MDF with Vinyl print and the size of the display box is 8" x 32".

The display essentially makes it very easy for the salesperson to change the visual of the display. As Anuraag says, “They just have to twist and turn the box, which will take them less a minute.” This ease and flexibility is a big factor in making displays work at retail. The display boxes are created in a set of 3.


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