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Heritage: Breathing life into design

By Mohit Manghani | December 09, 2020

Designed by RMDK, the renowned boutique store based in New Delhi expresses nuanced design with innovative details that is a celebration of the materials, the people and the sublimity of traditions alike.

The bridal section for Heritage, a renowned boutique store based in New Delhi, was designed by RMDK as an experience channeling the austerity and auspiciousness of a wedding in India. The design follows the ideology of details being not merely technicalities, but a necessary means for breathing life into the design itself.

Being an art and craft aficionado himself, the client had envisioned a larger than life shopping experience for the visitors that could become the very extension of their entire wedding fiesta. Space thus was imagined as a contemporary chic translation of the luxe and magnetism of the cherished Indian Heritage.

Programmatically space is divided into four zones- the prêt wear section, the fabric section, the saree section and the bridal wear section. The nature of planning allows a flow between each of these while maintaining an intimate experience. Each section has its own individual character, dictated by the product itself, strung together by a central theme.

According to the designers, the visual identity from the pre-existing ground floor was continued into the second floor through a wall paneling derived from the brand’s logo, playing with the letters of the word – ‘Heritage’ in two languages - English and Hindi. This interactive wall, framing the prêt wear, adds a raw essence to the space, celebrating the beauty of hand work and its effortless charm.

The fabric section is envisioned as a clean and straight-lined space, with a minimal brass display and geometric paraquet flooring. A play of light, mirrored ceiling, and the brass shelving renders the wall with a unique play of light and shadow, amplifying the theatrical nature of the space, converting the act of shopping into art itself.

The saree section is defined by coarse granite counters, made from slab offcuts from an Indian quarry while the bridal section fuses the beauty of a traditional Wedding altar – the ‘Vedi’, along with the nostalgia of an elaborate system of low floor seating, display and selling by the retailer

These interior elements come together to create a silent yet dramatic environment that awe-spires the visitor. It is a nuanced design with innovative details, that is a celebration of the materials, the people and the sublimity of traditions alike.

Project: Heritage

Client: Sunit Nanda

Location: New Delhi, India

Site Area: 200sq.m

Team: Deepak Kalra, Shifaa Kalra, Aarushi Kalra, Preeti Negi

Photos: Arunima Agarwal

Furniture: I’m the Center for Applied Arts



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