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White Hanger: An opulent nod to royalty in the heart of Delhi

By N Jayalakshmi | April 02, 2024

With a mix of Stone Veneer and GRC on the facade, along with ornate elements inside the store, the 10,000 sq feet White Hanger store in Delhi, designed by SSB Architects, is a tribute to a royal era, while indulging the modern, luxury conscious customers.  

Royal era with grandeur and royal aesthetics permeating the whole store ambience.

White Hanger, located in the heart of Delhi at Rajouri Garden, is positioned as an opulent destination for memorable ethnic fashion shopping. Designed by SSB Architects, the 10,000 sq feet store is a throwback to a Royal era with grandeur and royal aesthetics permeating the whole store ambience.

Store front look

As Mukesh Bhatia, Director, SSB Architects, told Retail4Growth, while speaking about the project, “The brief from the client was to create the rich vibe of Royalty, a Rajputana kind of look, and this is what we aimed to create. The whole project took about 4 months and we managed the time-line by simultaneously working on different aspects like the façade, the civil works etc.”

He further adds, talking about the challenges involved in the project, “Our main challenge was in terms of height. This kind of ambience needs huge heights, so we had to work around that and accordingly plan the civil works and utilities.”

Well, despite these challenges the team managed to deliver the right look and feel that the brand sought. Ornate pillars and intricate carvings frame a stylish entrance that beckons the visitors, while the storefront, adorned with sophisticated signage, proudly announces the brand's identity the conveys ‘Timeless Architecture’.  

Speaking about the facade Mukesh highlights the use of material Stone Veneer, “Stone Veneer is the main material we have used for the façade along with GRC. This is the first project in Delhi in this segment where Stone Veneer has been used. It is as light as paper and also delivers the grand look and feel that was needed here.”   

Chandelier look inside store

The store front also features large display windows offering glimpses into the garments inside. Inside the store high-quality materials such as marble, polished wood, and plush carpets create the right ambience. Chandeliers, ornate mirrors, tasteful artwork, fine drapery and luxurious upholstery further add to the sense of luxury and exclusivity.

Soft, ambient lighting with dimming capabilities ensures that every piece is showcased to its full potential. Accent lighting strategically placed further creates focal points, guiding the eyes of customers to key displays that demand attention.

Mannequins adorned in elegant bridal gowns and impeccably styled Western ensembles are strategically placed to guide customers through different outfit possibilities, while display tables, shelves, and glass cases are meticulously arranged as accessories and complementary items

Bridal dresses showcase at store

The store is divided into different categories including luxury bridal dresses, Western clothing for men and traditional attire. Aisles and displays have been designed to offer ample space for unhurried perusal.

Western clothing for men showcase

There are also private fitting rooms for bridal wear, ensuring a personalized and exclusive experience, besides knowledgeable and well-trained staff members for customer guidance and assistance.

Mukesh informs that SSB Architects is working on three more White Hanger stores in New Delhi.


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