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It's raining offers from Cadbury!

By Fairy Dharawat | July 15, 2013

In order to infuse some energy into shoppers whose spirits were dampened by the monsoon, Cadbury along with SAB Creations, created some excitement at retail in the form of'Monsoon Dhamaka.'

This monsoon season Cadbury decided to add some buzz in the retail space in order to increase the sale of their chocolate brand. Partnering them in this initiative was SAB Creations Pvt Ltd and together they launched the'Monsoon Dhamaka' campaign. The basic idea for Cadbury was to make a huge noise with their offer "Buy Cadbury Chocolates and get a Chance to win.” There were grand prizes like Polo Car, Hero Bikes and other prizes such as iphones , ipads & Cadbury Gift Hampers to be won. They therefore needed multiple touch points to communicate the offers.
Says Ruchi Gaonkar, Executive Designer, SAB Creations Pvt Ltd, "To design, implement and execute the entire idea, Cadbury approached us to visualize and take forward the entire campaign. We started the project from scratch; the first step involved ideating and designing all the POS communication. Taking inspiration from the monsoon, various elements such as rainbow, clouds, rain, and umbrella were explored to make the basis of the design concept. We were extremely excited about this project and were looking forward to make it big.”
She elaborates further, "Many designs were drafted, improvised and finally the first cut with multiple options was delivered. We quickly received feedback and changes were made accordingly, and our final'Monsoon Dhamaka' template was ready to be replicated and adapted to various elements. Cadbury appreciated and approved the designs. Thus we went on to design the various POS elements.”
SAB Creations made multiple elements such as Endcaps, Bay Branding, Danglers, Drop Boxes, Coupons, Leaflets and Banners to communicate the excitement in modern trade. Here is a detailed look:
  • End Caps - The end caps had the header and the side panel in 3D cut of the cloud form, thus creating an interesting form and enhancing the design.
  • Bay Branding -   The Bay branding also had a 3D cutout of the monsoon cloud, with a splash floor graphic to give a complete look while making it stand out better in category.
  • Danglers - As the form was of the cloud, danglers were created to seem as if they were hanging in the sky, giving the impression of real clouds.
  • Drop box , Coupons, Leaflets, Leaflets Strips were also designed keeping in mind the main element of the 3D cutout cloud.

The Monsoon Dhamaka campaign was carried out in different states including Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, NCR Delhi, Jharkhand, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan etc. Hence the campaign was adapted to the local regional languages as well.
All the POS elements were manufactured at SAB Creations Pvt Ltd factory in Vasai, Mumbai. They were packed and sent to the various regional locations, where local representatives executed the job. Talking about the execution and the logistic of the project, Ruchi says, "The entire process was extremely overwhelming and we managed to deliver our best and make the clients happy.”

Rahul Mathur, National Key Accounts Manager, Cadbury, "Monsoon Dhamaka is a 3 month activity run exclusively with Reliance Retail between June - August. Customer purchasing Cadbury chocolates over a certain amount are entitled to a contest wherein they stand a chance to win attractive prizes like 1 Car, Motorcycles, Iphones, Ipods and Cadbury Gift Hampers.” Adding on the same lines hr added that, "The contest was announced in store through POB such as Bay branding, End Cap branding and danglers. The Bay branding initiative really made the category look attractive and pulled customers to the chocolate bay.”

Rahul Mathur further adds on the response that, "Overall, the initiative has done well with a 30% MoM growth in June. The customer (Reliance) has also taken the initiative very positively and is happy with the results so far.”

Well, this is another example of what a well planned partnership between a client and the retail partner can do in order to enhance the whole presence at retail.  



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