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Louis Philippe – Gift Gallore

By Satarupa Chakraborty | August 04, 2018

LP’s recent Signature Window, executed at all key stores, promotes the idea of perfect gifting of a signature man’s shirt in a signature box. The window features life-size gift boxes and use of single mannequin.

Menswear brand from ABFRL, Louis Philippe (LP) has recently launched window to promote their signature shirt as a perfect gifting idea. The window, executed at all key stores, features a large gift box, from which the dressed up mannequin emerges.

Kapil Yadav, Head – VM, LP, explained to Retail4growth, “We have launched our new window which is called Signature. It’s a window based on signature gifting idea where people can buy a signature shirt which is packed in a signature gift box. The idea is to share a perfect signature gifting idea. We are offering gift boxes of wallets and tie as well. To enlarge the idea, we have used life-sized gift boxes.”


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