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Sam’s : Old charm with a Modern twist

By Mohit Manghani | July 28, 2020

The restaurant redesigned by Husain Shakruwala Engg Architect & Interior, Indore based design studio, intriguingly captures Chhappan's zest while giving diners a calming experience amidst Chhappan's crowd.

Nothing beats Indore’s obsession with food. After all, where else in the world will you find a place like Chhappan, a place that magically transforms into a food street every night. Sam's momos & rolls, renowned for fried momos with its signature red chutney, envisioned their new restaurant at Chappan as a refreshingly new & contemporary take on Indore dining that sparks freshness and gives diners a calming experience amidst Chhappan's crowd. The restaurant redesigned by Husain Shakruwala, Principal Designer, Husain Shakruwala Engg Architect & Interior, intriguingly captures Chhappan's zest while giving millennials an inviting space.  

“Beginning with a food stall, then a small kitchen and now a restaurant at the very same area marks Sam's momos & rolls expanse in the hearts of Indoris.  The objective of the new space in Chappan was to inculcate more seatings and yet be space-justified in a finite project area. We achieved the client’s expectations by rethinking the entire vibe along with redefining customers' convenience”, explained Husain Shakruwala.

Speaking more about the restaurant’s new design, Husain mentioned, “We ensured kitchen and order counter now occupies the elemental space right in-front for the quick takeaway keeping the current situation in mind.  The kitchen's outlook is designed to echo 'transparency' and 'trust' with glass partition. The kitchen is a well-planned division for non-vegetarian and vegetarian meal preparations. With hanging tables installation, more friends and families now enjoy the vibrant space devoid of congestion.”

He further explained, “The use of fun colors with putty brown furniture creates a sense of funky freshness. MS structure combined with polished pinewood ensured endurance and strength for the designed hanging tables. For balancing the overall space, we placed wall partition with planters and decorative flower pots that host’s eco-friendly admiration. For the humble brightness, the restaurant enclaves hanging modern lights for each table, zig-zag white lights on the ceiling and backlit of hanging tables. Since this restaurant gets lots of young crowds, the color scheme personifies enthusiasm.”

The project was completed within 15 days and design team’s fresh design approach exceeded creative limits while elevating the overall experience. 




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