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Smirnoff takes its'Espresso' flavour on wheels

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | January 05, 2015

Smirnoff unveiled its new'Espresso' flavour in a unique way at Sunburn Festivals, where DMS Retail brought in the vibe of a quaint little European café and incorporated it to create an attractive unit.

Smirnoff recently unveiled its'Espresso Cart' at the Sunburn Festivals taking place in various locations across India. The brand's objective was to create an attractive unit that could form a strong association with Smirnoff'Espresso', pulling the target audience in the age group of 25 to 40 years (men and women alike) to the unit for them to try out the new'Espresso' flavour.

Designed and executed by DMS Retail Works, the unit was designed and developed to be placed at Sunburn Music Festival that was happening across various locations around India. According to Mahesh Shinde of DMS Retail Works Pvt. Ltd, "Since Smirnoff Nights was the associate music partner, the unit had to make a mark on the crowd present at the event as they were the brand's core target group. Our design team wanted the brand and its new unique flavour to be highlighted in the best possible way which gave room to the conceptualisation of the Espresso Cart”.

The process for DMS Retail was to bring in the vibe of a quaint little European café and incorporate it into the unit. The Espresso Cart had other elements like jute bags filled with coffee beans, clear acrylic towers acting as diorama to the coffee beans, a proper bar counter for the bar tender to tend to various customers coming in for a tryout and lastly, the coffee mugs that added the additional oomph. "Our design team ensured that we do not deviate from the Smirnoff identity and hence the backlit signage on top accompanied a tent in the quintessential Smirnoff colours,” says Shinde.

The key communication with this Expresso Cart was to establish the launch of this new exciting flavour - Espresso. The idea was to entice the customer to try out the product and create the strong flavour association in his mind by drawing him in with the visual impact and making him stay because of the flavour.

The Expresso Cart was made with a combination of metal frame and pine wood. The unit had an acrylic backlit signage on top, and a backlit visual box on the side. Clear acrylic dioramas were created to house the coffee beans, while wooden bar stools in PU finish matched to Smirnoff's signature red colour. Espresso letters in white acrylic on top and in pine wood at the front of the unit were incorporated. Spotlights surrounding the MS frame tent on the inside added to the bar counter appeal.

"The Sunburn team was more than happy with the unit that was created by their music partners as it gelled well with the vibe of the night and the entire ambience that they have strived to develop and maintain at the Sunburn festivals” shares Shinde.

"The client was very impressed with our efforts and the turnaround time in which we fabricated the unit, as we had a little less than two days to design and fabricate the same. What started out as a one-time unit for Sunburn Mumbai , we went on to fabricating five more of these units because of the response from the customers and the brand teams - both national and international. We at DMS were ecstatic about the same.”



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