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Soulflower spreads its aroma

By Fairy Dharawat | April 28, 2014

Leading producer of natural handmade organic herbal soap, essential oil, and skincare products, Soulflower created a hard-to- miss retail campaign for their aromatic brand. Read on for more details.

As the wellness industry shows promising future for wellness products tilted towards providing spa experience at home, Soulflower reaffirms its brand positioning at retail.

As the the boom makes way for new brands to enter the market, the big players strenthen their shopper base by engaging with their shoppers through experience oriented utility driven compact units which not only attract shoppers and work towards strengthing their position in the market, but also rekindle their relation with the shoppers by being interactive .  

Soulflower is an aromatic brand which targets their shoppers to recreate the spa feel at home, hence their units have a demo version of their products so the shopper can touch feel and experience the aroma of different flavours and variants of their brand. A special space is dedicated to stock the demo version on top of the displays.

As Amit Sarda, MD, Soulflower says, "The campaign is directed towards our products and the experience it provides. We want our shoppers to experience our brand and all our communication is targeted towards it. All our fixtures were designed, created and implemented to give a touch-and-feel experience where we wanted shoppers to hold the product and feel it first before buying."

The designs were created by the brand. Amit adds, ""All the designs created are different according to the location and as HyperCity is a prime location we have created fixtures which result in accessiblity of our brand and products to our shoppers and widens our reach."

Let's take a look at what Soulflower delivered at the retail space of HyperCity in Mumbai.
Aisle Branding
An entire aisle was dedicated for Soulflower brand with the front of the aisle displaying a demo unit with details about their product line. The top of the aisles has the brand name 'Soulflower' and their logo at the top front of the aisle while their tagline, 'Aroma for every mood' was found on both sides of the aisle. The aisle is also decorated with artificial flowers in the edges. The back of the aisle shared resemblence with the front of the aisle.
(1) The unit manages to capture shoppers' attention due to its simplicity and strong retail presense. The unit has strong stocking space which can stock more than 70 units at one time. The black metal frame structure of the unit with white sunboard shelves has visual communication of the products along with the branding name. The branding at the top is black with stocks placed on it.
(2) The unit shares strong resemblence to the previous display with only one major addition of horizontal branding on two sides of the unit. The unit has strong stocking space which can stock more than 70 units at one time. The black metal frame structure of the unit with white sunboard shelves reiterates the visual communication of the products along with the branding.
(3) The top branding of the unit drives home the brand proposition , 'Soulflower, Aroma for every mood', while a circular shelf has compartments for shoppers to touch, feel and get an idea about each flavour the unit stocks. Made up entirely of black metal frame, the unit has four metal bowls as shelfs. The unit can stock more than 35 units at one time.
(4) The informative aisle at the front was accompanied by a unit with wheels at the bottom which can be placed in any direction one pleased.  The compact unit is smaller in size with top branding and two shelves with the top shelf reserving space for  shoppers to experience the product line, while the bottom had the products laid out to pick up. The fruits illustration on the bottom further communicates the authenticity of the products to the shoppers.
Summing up the respsone to the campaign, Amit adds,"The result has been fantastic with regard to the displays and units found at HyperCity as they emphasize our objective of engaging with our shoppers."


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