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Spatial celebration of paper art…

By Mohit Manghani | August 02, 2019

Delhi based ‘Paper Store’ specializes in customized invitations and stationery and the store space has been designed to reflect the craftsmanship that goes into the making of paper.

Paper StoreStationery retail brand Paper Store is located inside a small hotel on a busy commercial road in Delhi. The idea while designing the store space was to create a space that represents all that the products stand for and evoke a studio-cum-workshop-like feel, while exuding elegance and sophistication at the same time.

Paper StoreArchitecture Discipline, a multi-disciplinary design studio that explores space through the scales of urban design, architecture, public art, installations, furniture, and product design, took up the challenge and converted it into a calm, uncluttered space that allows the customers to configure their stationery.

Paper StoreSays Akshat Bhatt, Principal Architect at Architecture Discipline, while speaking about the project objective, ”The client brief was to design a place that would express the quality & sensibility of their bespoke stationery while announcing its presence on a busy street. Basically, a small space of 12x16 on the ground floor was to be designed to accommodate a fairly unique proposition – a paper store that specialized in customized invitations and stationery. Since there is an artisan-like quality to the making of the paper, we wanted to reflect the same level of craftsmanship in the store, making it feel almost like a workshop that one would find in a backyard, a private haven. Concurrently, it was important for the client to be able to customize the details as they innovated with newer products,” he adds.

Read the detailed report on the design of Paper Store in VM&RD August 2019 edition.

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