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The crafting of Kalki’s immersive store spaces

By N Jayalakshmi | February 16, 2024

Ethnic fashion wear brand Kalki needed exclusive store spaces that would make their customers feel extra special. The brand partnered with design and build company Atmosphere, who translated that vision into immersive stores delivered across four cities in just 6 months.

Reception area

At a time when brick and mortar retail is undergoing dynamic shifts, the need for most retailers is to raise the experiential quotient of their stores and thus enhance their customer journey. It entails creating immersive touchpoints, while staying true to the brand ethos. 

Reception area

This is exactly what brand Kalki sought to do with its store spaces. The brand partnered with retail design and build company Atmosphere for the same. Atmosphere, backed by 11+ years of retail experience, best-in-class technological capabilities and Rs 100 + crore of annual top line, completed four continuous design and build store deliveries for Kalki, across Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat and Bangalore within a tight time line of 6 months. 

A space that makes the customer feel special 

2nd floor

For brand Kalki, the need was very clear – create store spaces that would make their customers feel special and exclusive. This was conveyed to the Atmosphere team who managed to translate that vision into immersive spaces. As Saurabh Gupta, Founder and Director of brand Kalki, whose partnership with Atmosphere goes a long way, right from its first store in Mumbai to the recent store in Surat, says, “We had shared our vision and goal with Atmosphere, and they have been able to successfully translate that into the customer experience we wanted to deliver. A lot of engineering has gone into what we wanted to express and showcase to our customers in the stores. The Surat store was completed in 50 days, and that is a great achievement.” 

Watch Saurabh share his experience with Atmosphere:

Experiential elements 

The experiential edge in the Kalki stores also comes from the materials and processes that went into them. From premium furniture crafted using PVD coated SS and PU coated wooden surfaces, to texture paints on walls, custom printed pattern and custom printed fabric for upholstery, every aspect of the store design has been thoughtfully selected and put together.   

Basement section of store

Imported wall papers with distinct stories that resonate with each store section

and high-end artistic chandelier enhance the overall impact. Besides, customised VM with life size photo frames that convey the Kalki story, complete the spatial narrative.

Planters and life size trees bring elements of nature and breathe life into the space.  

As the design team at Atmosphere enlightens, 80% of the items in this project were heavily customised. Also, extensive R&D went into procuring materials and executing the brand’s brief. Despite this, team Atmosphere delivered each store in breakthrough timelines of 50 days or less. 

“Transforming Retail Stores into Immersive Journeys”

Atmosphere believes that stores are more than just retail spaces; they are immersive experiences crafted to resonate with clients' core customers. The company's design philosophy prioritizes blending aesthetics and functionality to enhance customer experiences. As Nilesh Rathod, CEO of Atmosphere, emphasizes, “Retail touch points are where customer experiences are forged and brands are built. For us imbibing the ethos of each brand we work with is half the battle, working relentlessly to execute that understanding is the other half.”

Atmosphere's credibility in the competitive space is supported by its state-of-the-art 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and sustainable practices. The successful Kalki projects exemplify the transformative potential of collaborative partnerships between retailers and their project partners, creating privileged customer experiences.

To leverage Atmosphere’s expertise and get the best for your store/business space, look up: www.atmosphere.work

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