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The Organic World: A spatial celebration of healthy choices

By N Jayalakshmi | February 07, 2024

As Creative Partners behind The Organic World store in Bangalore, STUDIOJ has curated a retail experience that nudges consumers towards informed choices, while aptly conveying the brand narrative.

The organic world store front look

With the market for Organic Food poised for growth in India, organic food brands are fast ensuring that their stores become immersive spaces which resonate with their health-conscious consumers. 

For The Organic World (TOW), which positions itself as the nation's leading "Responsible Retailer," a new retail design identity meant an aesthetic way of conveying the brand ethos. This was in fact the reason the brand partnered with Studio J. 

The organic world in store look

As Creative Partners behind The Organic World, STUDIOJ meticulously crafted the brand’s retail identity with a gentle touch. “Informed by consumer research, we identified a growing interest in understanding the contents of our plates, inspiring us to design a holistic space that seamlessly integrates narratives and aesthetics. Our goal is to empower, facilitate knowledge absorption, and offer a joyful shopping experience,” says Jenny Andrews, Director of Studio J . 

With a design philosophy centered on warmth, genuineness, reliability, and trust, which are conveyed through spatial design and visual communication, Studio J went at the TOW store with a seamless blend of knowledge, aesthetics and digital elements. The carefully curated color palette evokes a soothing yet energizing ambience, fostering an emotional connection within the space.

The organic world in store look

“Our vision is to convey crucial information rooted in the brand's ethos. The belief that customers can confidently avoid the 25 harmful ingredients commonly found in conventional groceries is central to our design intervention. The "Not in the Aisle List" seamlessly guides customers through the store, merging with category adjacencies,” explains Jenny, while sharing the design strategy.

Crafting a conducive space also meant tranquil interiors, featuring light grey flooring, dark grey ceilings, oak wooden and brown fixture systems, along with a rubberwood F&B section. Essentially the idea was to create an ambience that encourages consumers to absorb information regarding better choices for themselves and their families.

The organic world in store look: Display of fruits

With trust and comfort being central to the whole store experience, the brand’s focus on ethical sourcing has also been well highlighted in the F&B section, enabling customers to trace the origins of their vegetables and fruits. The Zero Waste section also encourages recycling through a ground-level CSR initiative. 

Further, given the rising consumer interest in scrutinizing product details, an interactive zone has been created, nudging customers to pay attention to minute details. 

The organic world in store look

“Our design intention is gentle yet powerful – to nudge, encourage, empower, and bring awareness. We initiate a pledge for individuals to consume products that are not harmful, fostering responsibility for oneself, family, and the environment. The customer journey concludes at an interactive zone at the cash counter, where customers can pledge to simple actions, transforming them into custodians of The Organic World's brand,” says Jenny summing up the TOW design journey. The store is indeed a reiteration of the importance of informed, healthy choices and its design aptly supports the narrative. 

Project Details 


Interior Contractor: NS Interiors 

Lighting: Gardler

Signage: Jai Graphics

Fixtures & Fixtures: Oceon of Design

Installation partner: Deco tales

Finishes: Ganishka ventures

Photography: Infocus 

Grow PartnerSuwaso


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