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VM&RD Retail Design Awards 2016 : Chumbak Re-imagined by Four Dimensions Retail Design India

By VJ Media Works Team | September 10, 2016

Western Fashion Apparel – Specialty Store,Project : Chumbak Re-imagined; Merit : Four Dimension Retail Design India

Taking brand Chumbak’s vibrant, cheerful and humorous brand ethos further ahead, the intention of Chumbak – Re-imagined’s was to make the store a landmark in this high street. Four Dimension united all the floors to give it volume and wrapped it with an authentic architectural material – brick. Dummy window shutters in bright yellow were created to frame the window display at the mezzanine floor. The elevated entrance to the store is planned through a huge glass door with yellow frames led by the teal cast iron railing from the road. On the left is the window display that showcases the “The Giant Wheel or the Ferris Wheel” with LED Lights installation, re-enforcing the idea of “Make Happy” allowing a sneak peak of the store from the road. The Window Display specially crafted for the New Category and collection of Fashion took the highlight space keeping the conversation with the prospective customers.

Quirky fun elements and corners like cash counter with milk can lights, merry-goround hotspot, in-lit Chumbak heart ceiling etc and a plethora of eclectic furniture complete the store.

On Site Works:NS Interiors
Lighting:Retail Lighting Technologies
Furniture & Fixtures:Space Design



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