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Wrogn goes all right for KKR and DC

By Retail4Growth Bureau | October 07, 2021

The brand has rolled out this VM campaign to showcase the association with Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals, and it has been executed nationally across 14 exclusive brand stores.  

Wrogn Active, the official merchandise & lifestyle partner for Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals, manufactures & retails the playing and training kits for the players on and off the field. The brand has rolled out a VM and Window display campaign to showcase the association. It has been executed nationally across 14 exclusive brand stores with a scaled down version implemented in over 40 large format stores.

The brand logo’s color palette & imagery are the highlights and focal points of the VM and window displays. In the KKR window, a dash of excitement has been created through the flame effect and the use of light and movement to mimic a fire. A fan attached at the bottom of the headpiece lends the movement effect for the flames. Lights placed underneath create the orange color of the fire.

For the DC window, the element of motion is in the form of the tiger’s center head moving back and forth. A display unit further highlights the merchandise. The color schemes for both windows correspond with their respective team colours --  purple & gold for KKR and blue and red for DC.  

The main execution challenge for the VM team was to get the flame effect right. As the team informs, since the flames are part of the KKR logo unit, they had to strictly adhere to their guidelines concerning the logo. For the flame, the team tried paper, plastic adn cellophane and finally decided on fabric to create the movement effect. For the air movement too, they tried different types of fans like laptop fan, exhaust fan, etc, and finally zeroed in on the table fan which gave the right amount of wind speed required for the fabric cuts to move like flames.


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