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‘By prioritizing the in-store experience, we have been able to have better conversions & increase sales’

By N Jayalakshmi | June 21, 2023

Fenesta, the leading windows and doors brand, which is part of the DCM Shriram Group, currently has more than 250 dealer showrooms and 9 Signature Studios with plans to expand further. Saket JainBusiness Head, Fenesta Building Systemsshares with Retail4Growth, the brand’s approach to store experiential solutions like fitouts, as part of ‘Fixture Yatra’ presented in association with Naman In-Store.  

Fenesta has been on an expansion mode and you have recently opened a store at Lower Parel. What have been the driving factors in your retail expansion plans?

Our recent store opening at Lower Parel is part of our strategic retail expansion plans. Fenesta currently has more than 250 dealer showrooms and 9 Signature Studios, which help the customer get the best experience before purchase. The driving factors behind our expansion include increasing customer demand, market opportunities, and our commitment to providing convenient access to our products and services. We aim to reach a wider customer base and establish a stronger presence in locations across India as well as International geographies.

Saket-Jain,-Business-Head,-Fenesta-Building-SystemsHow do you think in store factors - including the store design and experience - have contributed to the overall business/brand growth?  

In-store factors such as store design and experience have played a significant role in our overall business and brand growth. Fenesta has been the pioneer in the uPVC windows and doors category and have launched the entire range of Aluminium windows and doors and solid panel doors with Engineered Wooden Doors. For the customer to choose wisely Fenesta has also been the first mover in setting up experience centers for the customers to feel and experience the product before buying. We strongly believe that a well-designed store creates a positive and engaging environment for customers, enhancing their shopping experience. Our stores are designed to showcase our products and its functionalities effectively. By prioritizing the in-store experience, we have been able to have better conversions and increase sales.

How do you see front end store elements like store fixtures/ fit-outs enhancing the overall store experience?

Front-end store elements like store fixtures and fit-outs are crucial in enhancing the overall store experience. These elements contribute to creating an organized and visually appealing display of our products, making it easier for customers to browse and make informed decisions. Attention to detail in store fixtures and fit-outs helps in showcasing our products in the best possible way, highlighting their features and benefits. Ultimately, this enhances the overall store experience and reflects the brand’s identity.

Has there been an increase in your investments in store design and in store elements like fixtures, etc?

Fenesta has invested considerably in store design and in-store elements which contribute to providing the best customer experience. Even for our existing stores we ensure that it’s upgraded as per the latest product introductions and digital technology. We recognize the importance of creating an immersive and visually appealing environment for our customers. By allocating resources to store design and fixtures, we aim to create an engaging shopping experience that aligns with our brand image and values. We also have 4 mobile showrooms with the latest products which can be a doorstep service for select customers and specifiers who are time crunched to visit our showrooms. These investments have proven to be worthwhile as we have witnessed positive customer responses and increased sales as a result.

Interior designed by Fenesta

As a retailer, what are your top challenges today when it comes to store expansion/rollout? You are also quite focused on tier2-3 markets, aren’t you? Any specific dynamics in these markets that make expansion more challenging?  

Our top challenges today when it comes to store expansion/rollout include finding suitable locations and staying competitive in a rapidly evolving market. We are indeed focused on tier 2-3 markets as part of our expansion strategy. These markets present unique dynamics such as varying customer preferences, infrastructure limitations, and localized competition. Adapting to these dynamics and tailoring our offerings accordingly is crucial for successful expansion in these markets.

Any new retail plans this year?  

Yes, we have exciting retail plans this year. We are actively exploring new locations for store openings to further expand our reach and cater to customer needs. By the end of the year we plan to have more than Naman in store logo250 active dealer showrooms in addition to 9 Fenesta Signature Studios. Also, we are investing in technology-driven solutions to enhance the Omni-channel shopping experience for our customers. These plans reflect our commitment to continuous growth and innovation in the retail space.  



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