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‘Digital screens are powerful contributors to our brand objectives’

By N Jayalakshmi | January 19, 2024

Anand Aiyer, CEO of Arrow, shares with Retail4Growth, the brand’s thought process behind its new retail identity and more. Read on…

Anand Aiyer, CEO, Arrow

What drove the new identity for the new Arrow Stores? Any key aspects that you'd like to highlight? 

The impetus behind the new identity for Arrow Stores stems from our unwavering dedication to reshaping the shopping experience for our valued customers. This transformative journey is marked by a conscious shift in aesthetics, density, and overall appeal, to create a more immersive and enjoyable fashion exploration. Our goal is to forge a deeper connection with customers and elevate their overall shopping experience. Looking forward, we plan to extend this transformative experience to more Arrow Stores, ensuring a consistent and enhanced retail environment that mirrors the brand's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

In how many stores have you introduced the new identity? Are you planning to extend to more stores? 

Recent additions to the line-up of new identity stores include Mall of Asia (Bengaluru), Mall of Ranchi (Ranchi), CP67 (Mohali), Gandhinagar, Twin Star (Rajkot), Forum Mall (Cochin), and Pavilion Mall (Ludhiana), with Ahmedabad Airport soon to join the list. Each of these carefully selected locations reflects our commitment to bringing the revamped Arrow experience to fashion enthusiasts across diverse regions. The themes and innovations introduced in these stores will also be integrated into our upcoming locations, ensuring a cohesive and elevated brand experience for all our customers.

Any change in the way the store space is being utilized now?

The new identity for Arrow Stores introduces a significant change in the utilization of store space, marked by an emphasis on increased utility and density. With an average size of 1200 square feet, these stores showcase a smart layout that optimizes space for more efficient stacking and arrangement of ensembles. This innovative approach ensures that customers can explore an even wider range of Arrow's iconic styles and collections within the same footprint. The strategic use of space not only enhances the visual appeal of the stores but also contributes to a more enjoyable and efficient shopping experience. The deliberate focus on maximizing utility reflects Arrow's commitment to providing customers with a seamless and accessible environment to discover and engage with the brand's diverse offerings.

Arrow Store

You have also introduced digital screens in the stores. How do you see these contributing to brand objectives?

The introduction of digital screens in our stores represents a strategic departure from our brand's previous approach, aiming to offer customers a more interactive and engaging shopping environment. We envision these digital screens as powerful contributors to our brand objectives by enabling dynamic displays. This, in turn, provides customers with real-time information on the latest campaigns, promotions, offers, and styling tips. The incorporation of technology enhances the overall customer experience, making it more personalized, informative, and aligned with contemporary shopping preferences. The digital screens serve as a dynamic platform to showcase our brand's offerings, reinforcing our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Do you see spends on digital screens and front-end technologies going up in the future?

In response to the evolving digital landscape, we acknowledge the prominence of a singular digital big screen in our current setup. Looking ahead, the potential rise in expenditure on digital screens and front-end technologies aligns with our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological trends. The market's shift towards digital experiences encourages us to explore enhancements that align with our objectives at Arrow, focusing on delivering innovative and satisfying customer experiences.

What are your key challenges today when it comes to digitization of the stores?

In the realm of store digitization, Arrow has taken a measured approach by introducing a significant digital screen that serves as a focal point. Currently, our digital presence revolves around this key feature, strategically leveraged to showcase our latest campaigns, promotions, offers, and styling tips. This targeted use of the digital screen aligns with our commitment to enhancing the in-store experience, providing customers with real-time and visually engaging information while preserving the unique charm of our traditional retail setup. As we move forward, our challenge lies in optimizing this digital element to continually enrich the customer journey without overwhelming the distinctive appeal of Arrow's physical stores.

Do you expect any key retail trends to play out in 2024? Accordingly, do you have any new plans in the pipeline? 

Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate several key retail trends that may shape the industry landscape. As the market evolves, our team at Arrow is attuned to potential shifts in consumer behaviour, preferences, and technological advancements. Our commitment to innovation positions us to adapt swiftly.

In alignment with our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry developments, we continuously evaluate and refine our strategies. We are actively exploring new avenues and initiatives to enhance the overall customer experience, maintain relevance, and uphold the standards of quality and innovation synonymous with the Arrow brand. 



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