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Food, clothes, documents, pharma & groceries top delivery charts, says Borzo data

By Retail4Growth Bureau | December 29, 2023

The latest data from Borzo (erstwhile WeFast) reveals that the top 5, trending delivery categories amongst Indians in 2023 were food, clothes, documents, pharma and groceries.

Delivery company Borzo (erstwhile WeFast) says that as per its latest data, the 5 most popular and trending delivery categories amongst Indians in 2023 were Food, Clothes, Documents, Pharma and Groceries.

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The top delivery choices in 2023 were food and clothing, reflecting the preferences of the majority. Interestingly, documents have secured the third spot as the most trending category in 2023. Historically dominated by traditional courier companies, the document sector continues to witness rising demand for rapid intra-city document delivery, strengthening the presence of contemporary delivery players, says Borzo.

Fourth most trending delivery category was pharma deliveries. The online order for medicines continues to be popular this year with pharma products. The fifth most popular item being delivered were groceries. The sixth and seventh most trending categories were private packages of customers and electronic products and parts respectively. Gifting items and products were the eighth most popular category. Samples such as food testers, product samples etc. ranked ninth and delivery of  materials such as fabrics, threads etc particularly covering the B2B segment ranked tenth. 



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