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From concept to execution: Carving a new path

By N Jayalakshmi | March 06, 2024

V.De.Studio, a new entity that offers retail design development, adaptation and project management services to brands, was set up to address a critical need among brands for end to end offering. The company’s Founder and Director Geeta T shares more on this with Retail4Growth. 

New businesses and enterprises very often emerge as an answer to specific market needs, the result of identifying gaps and seeking to bridge those gaps. Sometimes it’s also the result of paying heed to an inner calling individually and charting new professional paths. For Geeta T, an experienced retail industry professional, it was a mix of both that drove her to set up V.De.Studio – a new entity that offers retail design development, adaptation and project management services to brands. 

Geeta T

V.De.Studio thus offers end to end service - from concept planning to execution. As Geeta tells Retail4Growth in an exclusive conversation, while sharing the reasons that drove her to embark on a new venture, “After being in this industry for 25 years I realised there was still a big gap when it came to driving a retail design concept through to its execution. There are many firms who specialise in one aspect – design, execution or manufacture. But having been on the client (the brand) side, I have keenly felt the need for someone who could offer end to end services.” 

Established on the foundation of a quarter-century of industry knowledge, V.De.Studio taps into one of its key strengths which is its holistic approach to retail design. The firm, which is fast expanding its team strength, essentially goes beyond creating visually appealing spaces and focuses on integrating strategic planning, innovative design concepts and efficient execution to deliver comprehensive solutions to match clients' unique needs and objectives. 

Whether it's incorporating cutting-edge technologies, optimising layout and flow, or integrating sustainable practices, the idea is to go beyond to ensure that every aspect of the retail environment is optimised for success.

Central to the methodology is the concept of "design to cost management" and the firm’s ability to leverage its extensive network of suppliers, contractors, and industry partners, while facilitating brands’ access to the right solution providers. 

In the context of cost management, an integral aspect of store projects, Geeta explains, “Cost management is about working around a brand’s budget, while meeting its objectives. It’s about breaking through the false mindset of associating cost cutting with quality compromise and instead helping a brand scale up its retail presence in the most efficient manner while retaining the desired look and feel.” 

Indeed, for Geeta, whose last stint was with Hamleys where she spent over eight years, the leap to spearhead something like this came naturally. Having worked with leading brands and having gained a range of experiences in the retail space, she could keenly observe the challenges faced by both brands and professionals in the project management space. 

So V.De.Studio also plans to create new opportunities for professionals in project management by giving them exposure to a variety of brands and portfolios.  As Geeta points out, “I have seen that many professionals in the project management space experience stagnation after a point and this is an issue in this segment that does not get the attention it deserves.”

V.De.Studio, which is also focused on going international through tie-ups and collaborations, has already lined up some exciting new plans, along with some unique initiatives to help its employees achieve better work life balance. 



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