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Why this Pune QSR is on a roll…

By Mohit Manghani | January 13, 2020

In a special interaction with Retail4Growth, Puneet Kansal, Founder at Rolls Mania, shares his thoughts on what makes Rolls Mania different from its peers and the challenges faced by the food industry.

Puneet Kansal, Founder, Rolls ManiaRolls Mania, the Pune-based quick service restaurant (QSR), has over 100 outlets across the country and caters to about 2.5 lakh orders every month. As of May 2019, the company sold about 13,000 rolls every day – 70-80% of them home delivered. In a special interaction with Retail4Growth, Puneet Kansal, Founder at Rolls Mania, shares his thoughts on what makes Rolls Mania different from its peers and the challenges faced by the food industry.   

Can you share a brief overview on Rolls Mania’s journey so far?

Rolls Mania started as a small kiosk in 2009, the idea was to introduce something homely and something different from the usual food options like Burgers, Pizzas and Fries. The concept was simple – almost in every house our mothers would roll up roti with veggies and it was something we all loved. Even though the Frankie concept was there in the market; rolls were more homely and a healthier option. By 2010 we had our first outlet in Magarpatta, Pune, under the brand name Rolls Mania. Today the brand has spread its wings across India with 120+ outlets and is now going international.

What began as a thela in 2009 in Magarpatta Township, Pune, is now an over Rs 50 crore enterprise with 800 employees and a network of 110-strong franchise outlets in all major cities. What do you think has contributed majorly to your success?

We have menu options that unify the palate of India. Pune is a city that shelters people from every part of the country, and every walk of life – so the idea was to serve diverse home-style Rolls at an affordable price – that was something that made Rolls Mania unique and a hit among all. 

The key decision that impacted the growth of the company was designing a lucrative franchise model that works smoothly across a diverse country like India. Our franchise model is beneficial because we are only as successful as our franchisees. When it’s done right, it’s hard to find another business vehicle that can match up with the speed, power, capacity for growth and empowerment and something that both the franchiser and the franchisee can truly leverage. Creating opportunities for others is one of the key aspects in mounting new heights.

What are your observations on the current market trends with regard to shopper behaviour, purchasing patterns? 

 The food industry thrives on the variety-seeking buying behaviour of the consumers. People are always looking for new options to try out and are ready to spend on food almost on a daily basis. The food sector, like other sectors, has seen a major shift from dine-in to online in the past 5 years. With the availability of so many options on your smartphone, the trend has changed from cooking at home to ordering online. Consumption of outside food has increased drastically and has also helped the food industry to grow. Rolls Mania benefits from such shift as online portals are now available in smaller towns and it’s easier to reach the consumers. This online shift has also given an opportunity to consumers to interact with the brand – this adds value to the brand as it helps us gratify the customer needs and makes us understand what the market demands.

Read the full interview in January 2020 Edition of Point-of-Purchase Magazine.



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