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Club Mahindra's signage drive

By Fairy Dharawat | March 12, 2014

Created by Tangent Displays & Exhibits pvt Ltd, the innovative signage's on the road leading to the Tungi Mahindra Resort grab attention with panache.

Tangent Displays & Exhibits has created some innovative signage's on the way  to the Tungi Mahindra resort to capture travellers' attention. The new logo by the brand signifies family and friends and the concept and the design were given by the brand to the agency. Shashank Krinshamurthy, Director, Tangent Displays & Exhibits Pvt Ltd  says, "We had to complete the entire project in 34 resorts. We created around enroute 1,000 signage's to direct people from a particular point to the resorts."

He further adds, "Mahindra wanted us to complete the pan-India project in 30 days flat and they included 5 by 4 displays with poles that were 6 ft tall. They had to be painted and customized according to the new logo and the challenge was to complete the entire project in 30 days. Enroute signage's were above 6 by 4 and they needed to be painted and customized according to the new logo."

The signage was made of ACP sheet for fascia signage with painted acrylic letter cuts. The enroute signage's were made of MS paint, ACP front with reflector which makes it easier for night-time visibility night.

On the challenges, Shashank further adds, "While creating the design the brand was keen on the placement of four hearts and the spacing between them. Equally challenging was achieving the right shade and colour for the signs."

Talking about the whole experience he adds, "The entire project was a phase of growth and improvisation for us. The brand was very happy with our dedication to the project and gave us a positive feedback. The new logo attracted more people to the brand."

He added that Tangent Displays & Exhibits and Mahindra will be collaborating in future as well and that would be a lot more in store.


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