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Clubbing with Linen

Vjmedia Works | August 14, 2015

The new flagship Linen Club store was created to deliver a differentiated customer experience of the premium readymade and bespoke linen collection offered by the brand.

Linen Club, a brand by the Aditya Birla Group, conceptualized the specialty concept with the objective of providing their customers an impressive and intimate experience. The store front offers a generous view into the store giving customers a glimpse of the brand imagery, visual merchandising and product presentation all combined to create a unified, crisp and refined ambience that reflects the nature of linen itself. The Linen Club store is a combination of consulting zones and open selling zones which delivers to the customer a whole new shopping experience for they key offerings- custom made and the readymade.
Within the space of the store, the brand has lined up the history, attributes and appreciation of linen from a perspective of history, culture and the world's leading fashion designers. What is interesting, is their proprietary merchandising displays of linen bolts and bales, the store's custom design lighting and the unique floor plan and presentation, all create a signature Linen Club experience for the customer.

The store has a lowered ceiling, created by the "pergola structures” which are laminated with deep toned wood. In a combination of ribs and planes, the wide line of linen collection is adorned by the archaic structure. This pergola space is created for the consulting zone of the store and consists of a very large display of various products that Linen Club has to offer.  It gives the liberty to the customer to customize by choosing the style, fabrication details, cuffs, collars, etc. and construct the garment from the selection.

The selling zone is highlighted with bespoke furniture in an ambiance created with unique lighting elements. The common space between the two zones of consists of fixtures displaying the readymade garments from the brand along with complementary, custom made products and fabrics.

Customized fitting spaces, a guest lounge, and a large over-scaled three-way fitting zone exist on a slightly elevated open platform that segregates but has great visibility from the rest of the store.

Illustrious graphics displayed within the store transfer the customer into a whole new space of Linen giving it a touch of the European legacy (French and Belgium, in particular). Such an in-store environment highlights the presence of the merchandise in an elevated manner, to fashion the look of the store into an "ecofriendly and timeless” space.
Large over scaled graphics take the consumer into the world of linen growing, the European source (French and Belgium) of the linen, and as well, highlighting the fabric as a wholly natural, ecofriendly and timeless product.

The warm overtones of the ceiling are echoed in the flooring material, complemented through a series of polish and reflective metal and mirror inclusions that shimmer as the store's visitor moves across the floor plan.



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