Friday, May 27, 2022

Instor India launches ‘W- Range’ metal fixtures with wooden finish

By Retail4Growth Bureau | May 12, 2022

Instor India conceptualised, designed, and developed the W- Range of metal fixtures with wooden finishes in keeping with the current market trend & retail needs, besides customer demand. 

Instor Kider India Pvt Ltd, the majorstore fixtures & specialized solutions company,  has launched its W-Range metal fixtures with multiple options of wooden finish, catering to the retail needs, especially in pharmacies and other specialized stores.  

Instor India conceptualised, designed, and developed the W- Range of metal fixtures with wooden finishes given the current market trend & unique customer demand. The W-range is specially launched to meet the aesthetic need of the customers by providing environmentally friendly & highly durable metal store fixtures.

Speaking on the new introduction, Ritika Mehta, Director, Instor Kider India Pvt Ltd, said, “We have been noticing an interesting trend for wooden fixtures. Wooden fixtures are often seen as a favorable choice for aesthetic, and warm appeal and are often mistaken for a lower cost over metal fixtures. On the contrary though, they have high maintenance and repair costs, are water susceptible, offer lower durability and load-bearing capacity, shorter life span, higher replacement cost, difficult to move layout, increased wastage, more space-consuming, and non-eco-friendly. To address, we introduced W-Range by designing durable and environment-friendly fixtures to provide the same aesthetic, sophisticated look, and warm appeal as wooden fixtures.” 

Talking about the new W-Range metal fixtures with wooden finishes, Ms. Ritika Mehta said, “Our W-Range is the first of its kind in India and meets the unique demand of the customers. It provides additional advantages such as a beautiful aesthetic with its wooden look, higher durability, and load-bearing capacity, maintenance-free, easy to modify, and longer life span.  

In short, our W-range ticks all boxes for retail stores, and with our highly advanced manufacturing, service, and support network, Instor will be able to cater to the diverse Indian retail market with its uniquely designed products.”



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