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Mango activation at Pacific mall!

By Retail4Growth Bureau | July 27, 2022

In yet another example of malls becoming community spaces, the  Pacific mall Tgore Garden, in New Delhi organised ‘The Great Mango Festival’ showcasing 10-15 different varieties of mangoes and organizing activities such mango eating competition, quiz and workshop.

Pacific Mall Tagore Garden celebrated the last few days of India’s mango season with the Great Mango Festival organised from 16th to 24th July. It was being held in association with Spar Hypermarket.

The ‘Great Mango Festival’ showcased 10-15 different varieties of mangoes in the mall atrium at a specially curated Mango thematic setup. The Great Mango fest started on the 16th of July, and many mango lovers gathered at the event to mark their presence.  

Pacific Mall Tagore Garden also organised a Mango Eating competition on 22nd July, which is celebrated as National Mango Day. Renowned Chef Siddhartha from popular food chain Mamagoto took a master class on that day where he taught people to prepare Mango sticky rice. Also, on 21st July, the restaurant chef Sanjeev Kumar of Castle Barbeque conducted a workshop on preparing Mango Cake.  

Next in line was the Mango Quiz, which took place on the 21st and 22nd of July, wherein participants were asked questions about their favourite fruit and those who won the quiz got exciting prizes.  

Fresh mangoes were also on hot sale at the festival, with people picking different types of mangoes to make Mango Pickle, Mango Shake, AamPanna, Mango Cheesecake, Mango Icecream, Mango Rasam, Salads etc.  

Abhishek Bansal, Executive Director, Pacific Group, said, “Mangoes are the identity of the summer season, and the Great Mango Festival was the best way to celebrate it. 22nd July was the National Mango Day; we have planned the Great Mango Fest to keep the energy levels high and bid a colourful adieu to the most joyous and tasty season of all times, the mango season.“



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