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Manthan Systems' new analytics app for retailers

By VJ Media Bureau | Vjmedia Works | October 24, 2013

The new mobile app revolutionizes retail analytics with powerful insights delivered through an easy to use interface.

Manthan Systems, the global leader in business intelligence (BI) for retailers, has announced successful implementations of ARC Mobile, a retail analytics solution that provides retailers access to critical operations, merchandising, marketing and financial insights from any location. This mobile application is deployed at several US-based retail chains in the fashion, grocery and convenience store segments. With ARC Mobile, retailers get the insights they need on-demand, including real-time answers to all performance-based inquiries, at their fingertips.

ARC Mobile provides the full breadth of ARC Merchandise Analytics on a tablet device, from interactive data visualizations and exception alerts through collaborative markups and annotations. Role-based, customizable dashboards and analytical views are available on any tablet device, whether iOS or Android-based, in both online and offline modes, allowing users to access business insights anytime and anywhere. Away from his or her desk, an ARC Mobile user can identify, in real-time, key areas requiring attention, with dynamic dashboards supporting by visualization capabilities such as bar charts, line charts, Bubble Charts, Waterfall Charts and product images. More importantly, this user can insert comments and feedback on the mobile dashboard and share his or her notes with peers to facilitate collaborative decision-making.

"We have seen our customers use ARC Mobile to forge connections across departmental structures,” said Kevin Walker, SVP and GM at Manthan Systems. He further added, "For instance, one of our c-store clients use ARC Mobile on the iPad to review merchandise performance during in-store visits, including real-time in-stock inventory position and merchandise sell-through monitoring. With ARC Mobile, merchandising employees are able to quickly identify merchandise issues and work directly with store associates to identify areas for improvement.”

Manthan is a leading cloud analytics company for consumer facing businesses. It’s analytics solutions are powered by AI, cloud and prescriptive capabilities. They are unique in their ability to use machine intelligence to process every decision context and respond automatically with actions and recommendations to manage every aspect of a consumer business, whether its marketing, merchandising, channel/store, demand or supply.

Manthan’s inventions aim to bring a new paradigm of context-aware, automated and algorithmic business decisions and actions, executed at scale.



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