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My Glamm opens an experiential flagship store in Mumbai

By Retail4Growth Team | Retail4Growth Team | November 25, 2020

The new experiential store offers a concoction of digital elements in the physical world with full safety measures, redefining the stereotypical beauty concepts.

An award winning European beauty product brand, My Glamm inaugurates a technologically enabled experiential flagship store in Mumbai. The newly built space is crafted to share the recent beauty ideas along with distinctive elements with utmost precautionary measures. 

The space has a MyGlammXO Secret Lab that helps customers to test digital crowd-sourced formulation physically and send their responses back to the digital space through a signature philosophy. The installation of MyGlammXO Beauty Creator Booths is a wonderful concept wherein content lovers can utilize the space for their social media updates. The booths are enabled with latest technology and innovative adjustable lights. The Glamm Zone is a visually appealing experience room where customers can consult the experts and is also a perfect area to test looks under flawless light setting. The Glamm Stage is another pedestal to know about beauty products and latest beauty ideas. Finally, the Glamm Lounge is a welcoming area that allows people to make content with the help of virtual applications and facilitates sharing it in digital platforms.

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Darpan Sanghvi, Founder and CEO, My Glamm, stated, “It is an experience that sums up the idea of co-creation and artistic work between a brand and a consumer. The whole idea is to blur the stereotypical beauty concepts and redefine them with the latest technology that is socially distant yet digitally connected.”



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