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Nilkamal launches innovative product solutions to combat Covid-19

By Retail4Growth Team | May 22, 2020

The furniture brand, Nilkamal has rolled out a wide range of exclusive products such as the Covid Quarantine Bed, 7 position isolation bed, VirusGUARD partition, TravelGUARD partition and Hand Wash Stations to prevent the virust outbreak.

Ajay AgarwalNilkamal, leading furniture brand, has introduced a wide range of exclusive products such as the Covid Quarantine Bed, 7 position isolation bed, VirusGUARD partition, TravelGUARD partition and Hand Wash Stations. The brand has further introduced the Quick Covid bed that is most economical and takes less than 3 minutes to assemble and install.

Commenting on the innovation, Ajay Agarwal, VP Operations, Nilkamal Limited. said, “The coronavirus pandemic has augmented the necessity of innovative and applicable solutions to meet the emerging need gap in the market. As an organization, Nilkamal has tasked itself to step up and address this requirement. These innovative products are the outcome of our research and development team that has been working round-the-clock to devise unique solutions. We are optimistic that these solutions will be beneficial to all stakeholders in our fight against this pandemic.”

Nilkamal’s Covid Quarantine Beds are easy to use, store and transport. The bed comes along with a multipurpose cabinet that helps in storage, dining and further as a bedside table. Nilkamal’s quarantine and isolation beds are already in use at various hospitals across the country in Jharkhand, Solapur, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Thane.

Nilkamal 7 Position Isolation Bed is an angular bed that allows improved breathing for patients. It has a 360-degree protective transparent covering to reduce airborne transmission with a top side opening for ventilation.

The VirusGUARD is a hygienic and safe tabletop divider for canteens and cafes to prevent the spread of infection. These 100% recyclable dividers help in maintaining social distancing. They are long-lasting & cost-effective and are easy to fabricate and install. They are further easy to clean and sanitize, clinically safe with any disinfectant and compatible with all existing tables.

The latest offering by Nilkamal is the TravelGUARD partition. These are designed to clamp between seats in public transport buses, etc. to check the spread of virus.

Nilkamal has successfully supplied 1000 Covid Quarantine Beds, mattresses, and other furniture to MMRDA for the makeshift emergency hospital which was set up in a record time of 2 weeks. The infrastructure including the beds has been developed keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the patients.




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