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Spectrum steps forward to disrupt virus transmission with Spectrolite face protection shields

By Retail4Growth Team | May 18, 2020

The innovative face shields are made of PET material, while the visor is made of 400 Micron Clear PET. The cost-effective products were designed in the USA and produced by Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd.

After creating a foldable medical bed with corrugated fiber optic, Industry leader Spectrum Scan has come out with the Spectrolite Face protection shields to combat the deadly virus.  The innovative solutions are certified by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are also ISO 9001: 2015 certified. The face shield is made of PET material, while the visor is made of 400 Micron Clear PET. The adjustable band is made of 500 Micron Clear PET & punched to shape. The cost-effective product was designed in USA and produced by Spectrum Scan Pvt Ltd.

Speaking about the challenges involved in producing it, Amit Shah, Managing Director, Spectrum Scan, says, “There were a lot of challenges involved in the process like making the workplace compliant with all Govt norms, having in place new SOPs for new normal, getting back the workers from home, procuring raw materials etc.”


Some key features include:

- Provision for hot air to escape to avoid fog & stickiness in hot & humid environment.

- Fits all head sizes

- Is 100% Washable

- Can get dispatched in flat form to avoid any damages in Transit

Speaking further about the cost involved and the client response, he adds, “Not much additional cost was involved except for the development and sampling cost. Overall the response is very positive and it has helped in keeping up our entire team’s morale.” 

More importantly, product development has given them a lot of take-away’s in terms of learning. Speaking about it, he says, “Yes there has been a lot of learning. For one, we can’t have short cuts in any product development. Also, value engineering is a must. And finally, we can’t go to market in a hurry, we have to wait until the product is ready and passes all the requisites.”



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