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Vishal Mega-Mart partners Officenet to enhance operational efficiency

By Retail4Growth Bureau | July 04, 2024

The leading retail group has partnered with cloud-based HR solution provider Officenet to unlock a 30% increase in operational efficiency and streamline employee experiences through data-driven insights. 

In the context of retail design and experience, it’s not just the aesthetic and functional elements that make an impact, but also the element of human efficiency.  And it is often technology that enhances human productivity and efficiency. In a move poised to redefine retail HR efficiency, leading fashion hypermarket chain Vishal Mega-Mart with over 650+ stores across India, has partnered with Officenet, a cloud-based HR solution provider.  

“By leveraging the capabilities of AI and ML, this strategic collaboration goes beyond mere automation, offering advanced customization and tailored solutions,” says the company statement. 

It adds that the collaboration aims to unlock a 30% increase in operational efficiency and streamline employee experiences through data-driven insights, ensuring Vishal Mega-Mart stays at the forefront of retail innovation.

“Officenet’s tailored HRMS framework for Vishal Mega-Mart, delivered through the cloud, addresses every aspect of an employee's end-to-end journey within the organization. Unlike generic HRMS solutions with one-size-fits-all approaches, Officenet's platform addresses complex scenarios such as real-time floor headcount management across multiple locations and managing between 650 to 18,000 employees. This empowers Vishal Mega-Mart with the agility and data-driven insights needed to optimize performance. The platform further enhances security with geofencing technology, creating a virtual perimeter around designated floors and restricting functionality to authorized personnel within the area. Additionally, the system prioritizes data integrity, adhering to the highest standards for facial recognition and data privacy,” explains the company.

The comprehensive platform overall centralizes employee data, streamlines workforce management, facilitates targeted training programs, and also fosters engagement through feedback mechanisms.

Speaking on the development, Ms. Sonali Chowdhry, CEO of Officenet, highlighted, "Vishal Mega Mart, spanning 650+ locations, epitomizes a vibrant retail enterprise. In such a diverse environment, efficient HR management is crucial. Our collaboration signifies a commitment to enhancing Vishal Mega Mart's HR landscape, empowering its workforce and elevating overall performance. Together, we envision maximizing employee potential, driving success in the competitive retail industry." 

Commenting on the same Dhruva Kumar Dubey, CHRO at Vishal Mega-Mart said, "At Vishal Mega-Mart, we recognize that HR is no longer limited to payroll or leave management; it's about fostering a culture of growth and alignment. As we strive to navigate the complexities of the retail landscape, we understand the pivotal role of HR in ensuring that our organization remains agile and responsive. By embracing a holistic approach to HR management, we aim to empower our workforce and propel Vishal Mega-Mart to new heights of success."


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