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‘We will need to infuse the confidence back in the team’ : Sanjeev Magon

By Retail4Growth Team | March 30, 2020

India will be under lockdown for three weeks to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country. Thousands of companies have stopped production activities in the nation and remain uncertain about future activities.

Retailers dealing in non-essential goods are taking this time to work on different business strategies and business ideas. In a special interaction with Retail4Growth, Sanjeev Magon, Managing Director, Jambudweep Impex highlights importance of building trust within team to overcome challenges of Covid-19 lockdown

Sanjeev MagonOne thing that we all know by now is that the biggest tool to counter a pandemic like Corona is to ‘Break The Chain’. Also, with catchy taglines such as “United We Fall, Divided we stand”, people are realizing that the less the human interaction, the more are their chances of staying safe.

Whilst the Govt, spearheaded by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, has already come up with a slew of measures for the poorest of poor during these trying times, the RBI too has announced a few measures to reduce/tackle the negative economic impact of the pandemic in the weeks and months ahead. Add to that are the contributions being made by NGO’s & other voluntary organisations to reach out to the marginalized in whichever way they can. And last but not the least, the selfless service being provided by doctors, nurses, healthcare staff & all those associated with the medical fraternity-  one cannot thank them enough for their single-minded devotion at the cost of their own personal safety!

Coming to specifics, the Hon’ble Textile Minister, Ms. Smriti Irani, in her appeal has already suggested a few measures for supporting one another by not canceling the orders that either have been placed or were planned before the announcement of a nationwide lockdown. And this primarily holds true for the entire retail sector. 

So coming back to these principles of ‘Maintain the chain’ and ‘United we stand, Divided we fall’, once the lockdown is over (whenever that may happen though!) and we slowly begin to get back to what we know the best- ‘WORK’- the captains of the industry, the man/woman at the top of the pyramid needs to infuse that confidence in their respective teams and assure them that they will be looked after. This message should be so loud enough that it reaches out to the man/woman at the bottom of the pyramid. One of the measures could be to execute and go ahead with ALL the plans (manufacturing, the opening of outlets etc) that they might have had before Corona struck. 

Once the leaders/brands/ bigger entities show the way, its ripple effect would definitely be seen all over, maybe, slowly but surely! No doubt, the role of all the stakeholders (suppliers, smaller manufacturers, service providers etc) in cooperating & assisting such leaders in any way will be of utmost importance as it is supposed to be a collective endeavor. No better way to  ‘Maintain the Chain’ & sending a clear message ‘United we stand, Divided we fall’. Let’s turn the tables on Corona!

I am aware that it’s easier said than done, but do we have a choice or a better option? I am sure, in the near future, the Govt too would be sensitive to the demands of various sectors, as none would remain unaffected by this pandemic. However, in the short term, if we all can collectively stand together and stay together once the lockdown is over and we all are up and running, I am sure the long road ahead will be much easier to traverse. To sum up, what comes to my mind is the age-old adage – ‘Let’s take care of small things & the bigger things will take care of themselves’. This couldn’t be more true than in times such as these!

Finally, like every soul on this earth, I pray for this nightmare to be over soon so that we all can get back to our lives as before, maybe, even stronger!




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