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Chivas Regal & Absolut make a stylish in-store statement

By Nabamita Chatterjee | June 03, 2015

Executed by Mission Xcellence, this signage project focussed on highlighting the known alcohol brands from Pernod Ricard.

In tune with the trend of liquor store revamping their outlets to connect with shoppers today, this particular outlet of Pernod Ricard brands at Ballygunge, South Kolkata experienced a complete makeover executed by Mission Xcellence.

Pijush Chowdhury, Director of Mission Xcellence shares with Point-of-Purchase, "We have been executing similar projects of upgrading liquor shops and converting them into premium branded shops, which are the strategic retails touch-points for our clients selected on the basis of survey-study. We are providing the entire design, planning and turnkey solutions for these kinds of projects. This is one more such prestigious and strategic retail point, which has been planned by us for our client and the retailer. We have been working on submitting different set of plans as suggested and required by our client, with several alternatives over the past six months before it could be finalised by the client and the owner of the retail shop. This has been one of the most challenging retail projects finalised with Pernod Ricard.” 
The area of the shop is approximately 450 sq ft and it has two attractive innovations for the brand Chivas Regal Whisky and Absolut Vodka.

Speaking about the challenges in creating them, Chowdhury mentions, "We definitely faced a challenge with respect to cost sanctioned, maintaining quality of the different brand colour codes and other specifications. Also it was a complete turnkey solution project including false ceiling, changing to a complete AC environment, changing complete lighting system with the light and visual effects in the newly designed rack as well as in the old racks. It has been an important experience for the entire team. We completed the project within five weeks approximately.”

As the liquor retailing concept in India is fast changing, Chowdhury feels that as a retail solution provider it is definitely an opportunity but cost and quality is a huge challenge. "We have already modernised our carpentry set up with wood working machines and CNC routers, but it will be difficult for us if we do not get volumes or regular opportunity.”


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