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Diamond Signage ties up with Taiwan-based DD Flex to make top quality dimensional letters

By Elke Moebius | September 02, 2014

Diamond Signage has procured the machines to manufacture the letters. The entire process works on the software provided by DD Flex

Bangalore-based Diamond Signages has tied up with Taiwan-based DD Flex, one of two companies in the world to have pioneered solid acrylic LED letters -- the other company is LP Flex from Germany), to produce superior quality 3D letters with LEDs embedded in them.

The advantage of this product is that it is manufactured as a single piece with no joints seen. With the tie-up, Diamond Signage has bought machines to manufacture the letters. The entire process is simple and works on the software provided by DD Flex. "Special acrylic has to be used for these letters. With normal acrylic, LEDs will be seen as spots when switched on. We tried producing the acrylic which would match up to DD Flex, but it was not possible,” says Venkatesh R G, Managing Director, Diamond Signages.

How is the letter made, one may ask. Here, there is no channel of 3D box making involved. A single piece of 25mm or 30mm acrylic is taken in which LEDs are embedded and sealed with epoxy resin which makes it a homogenous material. The acrylic as well the LEDs are bought from dealers suggested by DD Flex. The biggest advantage of these letters is that since it forms as a single piece, no dust or water can seep in, thereby increasing the life of the letters. In case an LED fails, the entire letter is replaced. Also, usually 3D letters face a problem of getting heated up due to the LEDs. Here, the epoxy resin dissipates the heat and the letters remain at room temperature.

When we talk of the cost for such a quality based product, it is bound to be expensive. "The cost would be about 20 per cent higher than the best quality of dimensional letters we produce here. But at the same time for that 20 per cent extra, the customer gets better quality and longer lasting letters. We will be able to bring down the cost by about 5-6 per cent in the near future when we can import more raw materials in one shipment,” says Venkatesh.

An added feature of these letters is that they have chamfered edges. The LEDs need a margin and the wall thickness of the acrylic has to be accounted for. The chamfered edges assure even lighting when seen from outside. Also, the chamfered edges are easier to clean.

Talking about the business relations, Venkatesh says, "We share very cordial relations. Once we have paid them their technical fee, they are more than happy to assist us in every way. Their name in the country matters more. Also, they will happily share their future R&D developments with us.”

Diamond Signages is working with Croma as of now for this new technology of 3D letters. Being very new yet, they are still pitching to other companies.

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