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Home Centre creates an out-of-world experience with its unique window

By Mohit Manghani | January 16, 2020

The window story revolves around a fictional story of a spaceship arriving on Earth to land aliens who go berserk over shopping at Home Centre.

Landmark Group’s end-to-end home needs retailing arm Home Centre has executed a unique sale window display by adopting an extraterrestrial theme.

Speaking on the window’s distinctive theme, Marthy Bermejo, Deputy General Manager – VM, Home Centre said, “We have brought in a story of UFO and aliens to create a fun story, where aliens are on a shopping spree because of the special price offered during the sale season. The window features UFO-looking object made of glass, acrylic and fibre and wooden objects made to look like aliens. We continue to present the wow factor as featured in all our regular season windows by including a large spaceship.”

The window has been executed at selected key stores across cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. While drawing attention to material choices that helped create a wow factor, Marthy explained, “Supplier has used fiber; glass and LED light to create a UFO while we used paint to achieve texture both on wall and flooring whilst we used wood for the stick figure. The window has been a rather elaborate window in the history of our sale window.”

The brand has partnered with Tranz mannequin for executing its in-store displays. “Installing the oversize UFO, in some windows, with low ceiling and projecting the items floating in the air was one of our major challenges”, Marthy concluded.


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